Petty Crime in Andalucia

Andalucía is a pretty safe place to be, particularly regarding violent crime. However, petty theft, such as bag snatching an puick pocketing is regrettably common, particularly in tourist resorts and big cities. Don't be a victim, carry valuables under your clothes if possible and watch for people who get unnecessarily close to you at airports, at stations, on trains or buses or on the street. Never leave baggage unattended and avoid crushes. Also be cautious with people who come up to offer or ask you something for no good reason. This could be a ploy to distract you, especially as many petty thieves work in gangs.
Car contents are also sitting ducks for thieves and even if thieves who get into your car end up taking nothing, they will probably have broken a window first.


Report it! If you do lose anything valuable, the first step is go the nearest Local Police station (as opposed to the Guardia Civil or National Police). They will then complete a form, which you sign, stating the facts. This is a vital document if you are planning to claim on your insurance. The police will take your contact details in the event they locate the stolen items. If you lose your passport, contact your embassy or consulate for a replacement.

Tips to help you to avoid crime

Be wary of Mopeds and Motorbikes: Mopeds and Motorbikes are becoming increasingly popular transport for theives, they can grab your bag and get away quickly. To avoid this try to walk with bags on your inside (preferably near to a wall) to make it more difficult to snatch.

Do not go to the cash point alone, take a friend with you, this makes you less of a target.

If you are going away, ask a friend to check your letterbox and empty it, so that it is not too obvious that no one is home.

When you employ a cleaner, or someone who will have frequent access to your house, or even perhaps a key, make sure you get a reference, and make sure you have all their identifiaction, it may seem presumptuous, but better to be safe than sorry!

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