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Alternative Telephone Operators Landline & Internet Connections
Find how to save money by switching to a different operator than Telefonica
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How to get connected in Spain with landlines and Internet Connections
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Mobile Phones

Mobile Phone Roaming

Mobile phone contract and pre-pay information in Spain
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Read our article for more information about roaming with your mobile in Andalucia
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Rural Phone and Internet access
Information about special types of numbers such as the 900, 901, 902 numbers and their costs
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There are still some far-flung rural areas where internet and even land line connection is not guaranteed
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Txt message Acronyms

Spanish txt acronyms
Find out what all of the strange symbols and abbreviations mean in the text message world.
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If you are confused by all of the xo's and xp's in Spanish text messages, take a look at our acronym buster.
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Mobile Broadband

Find out how to get internet on your phone, laptop or tablet while on the move in Spain.
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Dialing Abroad

Telephoning home from Spain is not difficult. The international direct dial access code is 00. Dial 00 plus the country code plus the area code and phone number. (Don't forget you may need to drop an '0' before the area code) Thus a London number from a Spanish phone becomes: 00 44 208 1234.

Cheap Calls Abroad from Spain

De-regulation and the increase in competition in within the telephone market in Spain has led to much more consumer choice. There are now many companies providing competitive cheap international calls from the Spanish mainland and islands. Many of these companies provide a cheap and cost effective service for low rate local, national and international calls. On this page you will find links to companies providing cheap international calls from Spain.

Dialing Numbers in Spain

Inland phone numbers to fixed lines all begin with a 9 and have 9 digits. Local calls always require the area code beginning in 9. Almost all numbers in Andalucia are 95 plus seven digits. You may see some phone numbers still advertised on shop signs that don't display the full 9 digit number but the old local seven digit number, try adding 95

Special Numbers

  • Numbers beginning in 900 are freephone numbers
  • Numbers beginning in 901 are local call rate numbers
  • Numbers beginning in 902 are national call rate numbers
  • Numbers beginning in 906 are premium rate numbers (chat lines etc)
  • Numbers beginning in 6 are mobile phone numbers

More about 900 901 902 Numbers

Mobile Phones

All mobile phone numbers now begin in a 6. This changed a several years ago from beginning in a 9 so if you see an old mobile phone number written as 907 123456 or 970 123456 or 909 123456 or 909 123456 the first '9' should be changed to a '6' Telephone booths, "cabinas telefónicas", in the street are quite common and take Euro Cent coins. To call lift the receiver, insert the money Calls are charged by the "paso". (a time unit). At telephone call centers like the picture above, you make your call from the individual cubicle and pay at the desk afterwards. There are often public telephones in bars. These can be more convenient to use but often cost more to use.

Telephone cards

Telefonica telephone cards, "tarjetas teléfonicas", can be purchased from the tobacconist and post office in units of 6 Euro, 10 Euro and 20 Euro. These are inserted into the slot of a public phone, and though they do not offer any cost savings, are more convenient than coins. Some modern public phones only accept cards as payment.

Other local and international telephone companies now sell discount call telephone cards. These can be purchased at newsagents and other retail outlets. You do not place them in the phone but call a free-phone number and enter your card number.

Mobile phones

Telephone shops now sell mobile phones without contracts. You purchase the phone and at least 30 Euro worth of calls for about 120 Euro.

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