Telephone Calls

Alternative Operators: Indirect Access for Cheaper Calls

Although there are some regional and national fixed-line providers in Andalucia, the previously state owned monopoly, Movistar -Telefónica , is still the main provider of the basic telephone line . Over the years new companies have emerged,  with deals and euros be saved by switching to an alternative provider.

The Choice of Cheap Call Provider

When choosing a reduced cost call provider, it is best to shop around to consider what suits your needs. Look into the different call rates for local, provincial, national and international calls. For example, most companies offer a flat rate (Tarifa plana), which is good if you use the phone a lot and easier to understand when the bill arrives. With the growth of competition, Movistar has introduced some special offers and packages to encourage users to stay with them. However it is really worth checking out the various rates per minute and comparing them to each provider.

Providers initially offered discounted call rates can be accessed by adding a given four digit prefix (10 - -). Once you have signed a contract with one of these companies, you then dial the four figure number before the phone number you call and you will be charged the time incurred by the discount call company. Since 2019 the Spanish telephone regulator, with drew the right of the customer to have this service, as such operator have now pahsed this service out. It has been replaced by the right to move the line rental to a different operator.

The four main telephone companies in Spain are Movistar, Vodafone, Yoigo and Orange.

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