Landline & Internet Connections

Communication Connections in Andalucia

The majority of land-line telephone connections in Andalucia are provided by the best known telephone company in Spain, Movistar. They used to be called Telefónica and are often refered to as Telefonica This used to be a state-owned monopoly, and still has around 80% if the market. You may decide to use other providers such as Vodaphone, Orange, Jazztel, for competitive call rates, internet connection with lower monthly charges, while still maintaining the Movistar phone line. 

With Movistar, phone line installation in main towns and built up areas along the highly populated coastal areas, will usually take between 10 – 14 days. This can vary and it has been known for installation to be carried out within just one or two days – on the other hand, there are still stories of much longer delays on installation. It depends on existing lines available in your area. The basic phone line installation costs approximately 110 euros (+ a 15 euro service charge and an added 21% IVA (VAT). The phone is usually included in this price, but a monthly fee for its rental will be included thereafter in your phone bill. The line rental is around 18 euros per month (plus IVA).

Before privatisation, Movistar had the obligation to connect a phone line for every application received in Spain, regardless of where it was. In some cases, highly expensive microwave technology would have to be used to provide a basic phone line in extremely remote areas with very low population. The waiting time for such lines could sometimes be years. Since it is no longer state owned, Movistar is not required to provide such lines and so now installation is subject to regional availability.

Phone & Internet Connection

Most people nowadays want broadband connection (ADSL) as well as the phone line. If this is the case, then it is best to apply for both at once. With Movistar the cost for the basic ADSL connection is around 110 euros and then there is a monthly charge of between around 20 and 40 euros per month, depending on the connection time you will use. Internet connection in some rural areas of Andalucia, is still sometimes impossible via the Movistar phone line. If you are moving to a remote rural area, check out phone and internet availability. This issue can also apply to housing estates that are on the edge of town. 

If you are bargain hunting for a cheaper line connection, you could look at other providers of cheaper call charges, but you should be aware that  Movistar the only company which is legally bound to leave your line open to use any call provider you choose, whereas other companies may only allow access to their own operators.

Internet access is charged by Movistar and most other providers on a monthly basis. If you use Movistar for just ADSL, the line rental and any other charges will all be included in the monthly bill. If you have no other agreement regarding general call charges, then they too will be added to the same monthly account.

Contracting a land line with Movistar

You can apply for land line telephone connection, by fax, phone or on-line.

You should have the following information available when you phone:

  • A Movistar bill (if you are already an existing client)
  • If not – a recent utilities bill in your name, for the property where you want the line
  • Your NIE and passport number
  • Your bank details / account number
  • If it is for a property where no phone line exists – be sure to have the correct full address.

As with all running costs, remember that if you do not spend the whole year in Andalucia, the monthly bills will be presented to your bank, remember to top up funds in your bank account to avoid being cut off!

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