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Cultural and Historic routes

Cultural and Historic routes

Various tourist boards have created a number of themed routes (called “Ruta de“ in Spanish) to help tourists explore the area with respect to a certain to area of cultural or historic interest.  Some do make for a interesting and holiday and educational and largely natural drive. Others, like the Washington Irving, seem to follow a contorted windy route without historical evidence just take in certain villages.  A few appear to have been created for the sake of creating something.

In our Itineraries section we have also suggested some itineraries that you can use as a base for tours in Andalucia.


Roman Route Ruta Baetica Romana
Washington Irving Route Ruta de Washington Irving
Nazaries Route Ruta de los Nazaries
Route of the Sun and Wine Ruta del Sol y del Vino
The Bull Route Ruta del Toro
Columbus Route Ruta de Colón
Route of the Caliphate Ruta del Califato
The Castle Route Ruta de los Castillos
Route of the Pueblos Blancos Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos
Route of the Pasa Ruta de la Pasa
Mudejar Route Ruta Mudejar
Route of Jose Mª el Tempranillo Ruta de Tempranillo
Route of the Sun and Avocado Ruta del Sol y del Aguacate