The Roman Route of Andalucia

The remains of Baelo Claudia
The remains of Baelo Claudia

The Roman Route of andalucia - celebrating its temples and treasures

The Roman Route of Andalucía or as it is known in Spanish, the Ruta Baetica Romana comes from the historic regional name for the province, Baetica (which comes from Baetis the ancient name for the River Guadalquivir).  Baetica was the most romanised province in the area and it established a point of connection between the Roman Empire’s European and African territories.  Known as the Via Augusta it passed through the former Tarraconensis province, (present day Valencia and Catalonia) and then joined up with the Galia and Italia network.  This interprovincial roadway facilitated the integration of the Roman Empire’s varied territories during the reign of Augustus. 

Today, the Roman Route includes 14 cities within theprovinces of Seville, Cadiz and Cordoba and includes areas of great natural and geographical importance such as the Cordoba Subbetica Natural Park, the Bay of Cadiz, and the Guadalquivir Valley. 

Tourists can visit the many attractions on the Roman Route in these cities, including Baelo Claudia in Tarifa, the city of Italica at Santiponce, the Roman museum of Ecija and the many Roman sites at Cordoba.



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