Camping in Andalucia

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Flamenco Campers campervans

Camping in Andalucia

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Camping has recently enjoyed a huge surge in popularity. From being the preserve of socks-and-sandals, thermos-of-tea types, it has evolved into the trendy travel alternative for free-spirited, independent types who prefer to wake to the gently sound of birdsong rather than the roar of urban traffic, who enjoy cooking up their meals on a gas stove, and who relish the beautiful rural settings. And Andalucía is one of the best places to camp, with a stunning variety of landscapes to choose from: mountains, rolling countryside, beaches and woodlands, although campsites can also be conveniently located just outside towns or cities.

A great way to experience nature at first hand, camping is also the most affordable form of accommodation - and the most flexible. Whether you're a family looking for an active, outdoorsy holiday or a group of friends who want to be near the action but are on a tight budget, camping offers an well-priced and rewarding way to see the south of Spain.

Registered camp sites

There are nearly 200 registered campsites around Andalucía, divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd categories according to the facilities available. Some camp sites are only open in summer and can get extremely busy in peak season, so book ahead.   As a general guide there are three categories. Third will have basic amenities such as showers and toilets. Second will also have a swimming pool, bar, cafeteria and/or restaurant and hot water, as well as laundry, and telephone. First will be well-equipped with a supermarket and even, in larger camp sites, a post office and money exchange. More>

Sleeping wild

In addition to the official camp sites, if you want to get up close with nature, there are a number of other options for sleeping wild in rural Andalucía. More>


Many hold that campervans (also known as RVs, or recreational vehicles) - autocaravanas in Spanish - give you the best of both worlds. From the classic vintage VW version, to modern vans which can sleep up to six with small kitchens (fridge and cooker) and modern bathrooms featuring showers and toilets, they offer comfort but also flexibility. More You just park up, connect your van to water and power outlets, and you are ready to shower, cook, eat, and even watch TV. Some vans have also have microwave ovens and even air-conditioning, heating and hot water. Some people take portable TV, satellite and WIFI aerials so that they can stay connected wherever they're camping (local signals allowing, obviously).

One way of having more space around a campervan is to put up an extendable awning at the side, especially in summer when you need shade, or perhaps as an area to eat. It can also be convenient to stay in a hotel every so often, so that you and your friends or family can have a wash in a more spacious bathroom. More