Cabins in Andalucia

If you and your friends or family want to get right back to nature, you'll find a variety of simple, rustic accommodation around rural Andalucia. Usually the cabins are traditionally built from wood or stone. For example in some natural parks, such as the Sierra Norte of Seville, the Sierra de Aracena in Huelva province, Grazalema National Park in Cadiz and Cazorla National Park in Jaen, and even the snow-capped Sierra Nevada of Granada, you can stay in secluded spots in log cabins and stone huts, or even an entire stone village.
This rural accommodation is often beautiful situated in wild, dramatic locations, near lakes and mountains, idyllic huts in totally undeveloped areas where there's little other habitation. They're perfect for lovers of the outdoors: hiking, bird-spotting, mountain climbing, or just enjoying the tranquility of your surroundings, with the only sounds the mountain breeze, birdsong and the jangling bells of a wandering flock of mountain goats.

Mountain refugios, located in national parks, often enjoy the most spectacular, isolated locations. The accommodation usually offers only very basic facilities, such as beds, a toilet and kitchen, sometimes hot water (not a problem in the hot summer months, but on a snow-capped mountain in winter, cold showers aren't much fun!) and a wood-burning stove. You bring your own food and bedding. They are designed to accommodate mountain climbers and hikers, and therefore are strategically located on the slopes of popular peaks.

For example, in the Sierra Nevada National Park, there are eight refugios. These include: near the summit of Veleta (2392m), in the western part of the mountain range near Granada city, Refugio Cariguela; on the way to Alcazaba (3366m) and the Sierra's highest peak, Mulhacen (3482), is Refugio de la Caldera; just to the south of these peaks is Refugio de Poqueira. To the north, at the foot of Picon de Jeres (3088m) is Refugio Postero Alto. In the eastern part, conveniently located between Puerto de la Ragua San Juan (2786m) and Chullo (2612m) you'll find Refugio de la Ragua; Almirez (2517m) has two refugios, Refugio-Vivac El Doctor and Refugio Piedra Negra. And close to the peak of Polarda (2253m) you'll find Refugio Penon de la Polarda. There are also refugios outside the protected national park area: two refugios to the south-east, north of the village of Laujar de Andarax.

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