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Discover the charm of inland Andalucia, observe first hand the rich and varied landscapes of olive groves and wildflowers © Michelle Chaplow
Discover the charm of inland Andalucia, observe first hand the rich and varied landscapes of olive groves and wildflowers

The easy way to organise your holiday in the south of Spain!

Whether you wish to travel alone or in a group, Andalucia.com can provide you with all the information you need to plan your itinerary, gather cultural information about your destinations, choose your accommodations and enjoy the best of southern Spanish cuisine.


The following links will help you plan your trip in detail. Find current maps, connect with car hire companies or locate tour to join.

Guided Tours


Guided tours offer the chance to see Andalucia in the company of a guide and group.
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Find maps for each of Andalucia’s eight provinces.
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See our recommended itineraries.
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Not sure where to go? Let us help you get started. This is our guide to destinations all over the region.
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Car Hire

Rules of the Road

Hire a car and drive yourself around Andalucia. Set your own pace and meet the locals along the way.
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If you plan to drive, take some time to learn the ropes first.
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Travel Insurance


Make the responsible choice and ensure your holiday insurance is in order before you set off to explore Andalucia.
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We offer you everything from luxury hotels and spas to holiday rentals and even campgrounds and youth hostels
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UK Package deals

Thanks to our restaurant guide, you can even reserve at selected restaurants before you set off on your journey.
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Andalucia has so much to offer tourists arriving from the UK.
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Many come to Andalucia for sun, sea and sand. However, there is a growing trend towards cultural tourism with visitors looking for activities as well as the chance to relax. Here are ten suggestions for those looking to spice up their holidays with something different.

Adventures in Andalucia

Arab Baths

If you’re feeling especially frisky, try these adventure sports. You’re guaranteed an extra shot of adrenalin.
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There has been a recent revival of the traditional arab “hammam” baths. Try this luxurious form of relaxation.
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Bird Watching


Andalucia is a stopping point for birds migrating between Africa and northern Europe. Throughout the year, interesting species make a visit to this region.
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The bullfighting season begins in the spring and runs through autumn. With over 70 bullrings, Andalucia leads the country in this field.
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Language Courses

Join the move towards more environmentally and culturally respectful tourism by supporting eco-friendly attractions in Andalucia.
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Language courses attract visitors from around the world who combine a visit to Andalucia with the chance to improve their Spanish.
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Luxury Spas

Natural Parks

Five star luxury spas are located both along the coast as well as inland Andalucia.
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Andalucia is home to numerous, spectacular natural parks and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves.
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Sporting Activities

Whether you’re a seasoned naturist or just a beginner, Andalucia has some great destinations waiting for you.
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With sea, mountains and a vast stretches of rural inland areas, Andalucia offers a surprisingly wide array of sporting and recreational activities.
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Car rental travel may be the best form of transportation around Andalucia if you don't have a rigid schedule and are prepared to test your defensive driving skills on Spain's speedy highways. Although a little more expensive than bus travel, car rentals allow the greatest amount of flexibility for sight seeing along the way and visiting many historical, old towns you would have otherwise missed.

Have a good trip!