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Coronavirus - What to do if you have symptoms

What to do if you have symptoms © istockphoto
What to do if you have symptoms

Coronavirus - What to do if you have symptoms

The official advice has been the same as in other parts of the world, wash your hands thoroughly, cough or sneeze in elbow, destroy tissues, wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and avoid touching your face. Keep away from crowds, keep 1m distance form other persons in queues. 

If you develop flu symptoms in Andalucia DON'T' go to a health centre or Hospital but contact the "Salud Responde" service.

If you develop symptoms and/or have been in contact with a person with Coronavirus or have returned for a high risk zone call freephone 900 400 061. Other coronavirus enquiries should be directed to the Salud Responde.

Salud Responde

Salud Responde can be contacted by:

Telephone on 955 54 50 60 or 900 400 061    (not 112 or 061)
Email to [email protected]
Mobile App  'Cita Médica Andalucía'

Here is a link to an official FAQ (in Spanish)



Repeat Prescriptions

People who need a repeat prescription can now do so without going to the local heath centre. When you call to make an appointment, the health centre or Salud Responde will ask the reason for the consultation. If this is for a prescription their doctor will call them by telephone within 48 hours and upload the prescriptions to their health card so that they can go to the pharmacy to collect the medicines.