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Travel to Costa del Sol & Andalucia

The question of travel to Andalucia © istock
The question of travel to Andalucia

Can I Travel to Malaga, Andalucia and Spain?

Updated: 01-04-2021

31-03-2021 Spanish Government has lifted the special 'British Covid strain' restrictions on arrivals from the UK from 18.00 30-03-2021. Since 22-12-2020 only Spanish nationals and foreign residents had been permitted to enter Spain by air or sea. However while the restrictions were inforce the UK Brexit transition period ended (31-12-2020) and UK now comes under Spain's worldwide Covid arrival regulations. Therefor only those who can demonstrate through documentary evidence an essential need to enter Spain will according to the regulations be admitted. The permitted list of reasons is listed on the UK Gov Travel Advice Spain.

Spain has extended the restrictions for inbound passenger travel on inbound flights from the Brazil and South Africa until 15-04-2021. With the exception of Spanish nationals and those legally resident in Spain. Foreign national residents should carry their residence document (the green A4 EU residence certificate or the new TIE.) Explanitory PDF. Initially lasting until 05-01-2021, was first extended until 19-01-2021 then 02-03-2021.

All those entering Spain from high-risk zones by air or sea since 23-11-2020 are required to have a certificate of a negative coronavirus PCR, TMA or LAMP test (not antibody or antigen) taken within the previous 72 hours. The high-risk zones are guided by European Centre for Disease prevention and Control's recommendation map of zones of over 150 cases in last 14 days per 100.000 populations. This is currently all Europe except Norway, Finland and parts of Greece. A full list of zones was published in the BOE (state gazette) and will be updated every 15 days. The measure does not apply to land borders (Portugal, France Gibraltar, Andorra). Travellers should pre-register at www.spth.gob.es and obtain QR code for presentation to airline and on arrival. By exception travelers unable to register online should present original test certificates in English or Spanish. Existing measures; temperature checks, visual assesment of symptoms, and declaring residence details are still required as well.

From 1 January 2021 international tourists in Andalucia will be covered by a Covid health insurance arranged and paid for by the regional government Junta de Andalucia.  The insurance will cover any circumstances relating to Covid such as medical and surgical and hospital bills, pharmaceutical costs, additional accommodation cost for isolation plus repatriation if necessary. The maximum claim is 4.000€ and the policy excess is 100€. The plan was first announced by Juan Marin, Tourism councillor back in September and more details were announced by Antonio Martin Machuca, Marketing Director for Andalucia on 9th Nov at the annual World Travel Market online conference and in paid online and printed advertising in December. The insurance policy covers tourists who are NOT resident in Spain of any age, staying in a regulated property; Hotel, Tourist Apartment, Apartment, Pension, Casa Rural or Camping. This does not include a holiday rental property (whether registered or not), staying in own or friends residence. Tourists will complete and sign an insurance form at the accommodation check-in.

It is became obligatory to wear a face-mask in all public places airports, bus, taxi, cafes, bars, and restaurants, at all times, except when actually eating or drinking.

The UK foreign office (FCDO) travel advisory 'advised against all non essential travel' to Spain excluding the Canary Islands.

This is now overridden "under current UK COVID-19 restrictions, you must stay at home (or in Wales, stay local). It is illegal to travel abroad for holidays. Do not travel unless you have a legally permitted reason to do so. In England, you must complete a declaration form for international travel.

Coronavirus quarantine rules came into force in the UK on 26-07-2020 requiring travellers arriving from countries NOT on the 'Travel corridor list' to self-isolate on arrival in the UK. Spain is not on this list and on return to spain you will have to Self-isolate for 14 days. The Test to Release for International Travel scheme started on 15 December. Under the scheme people returning to England who need to self-isolate will be able to take a COVID test with a private test provider to see if they can end their self-isolation early.

Currently Andalucia is one of the regions of Spain with the lowest rate of Coronavirus cases. See updated chart of  Cases by Spanish region.

What must I do when in Andalucia?

The international borders into Andalucia/Spain are NOT closed by the National Government. However once a traveller is on Andalucia soil, Regional travel restrictions if applicable apply. Andalucia operates a system of four levels (niveles) of measures of protection against Coronavirus. Municipal districts are declared to be in Level 2,3, or 4. To look up the level in any town and read the detailed procedures to follow,  see our Four levels page.

Return to UK

From 15th February 2021, all UK arrivals are required to book a two test package prior to travel*. Proof of booking must be shown in order to travel to the UK. Travellers must then self-isolate for 10 days, and take the two tests on Day 2 and Day 8 after arrival.

The results of these two tests do not allow travellers to leave self-isolation early. From 11th March 2021, the two test package may be taken at the airport testing facility. The Government’s Test to Release scheme is continuing in parallel. Under the scheme, travellers can opt also to purchase a test at the airport from Day 5 after arrival. Upon receiving a negative Test to Release result, travellers may leave quarantine; however, they must still complete both the Day 2 and Day 8 tests.

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