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Coronavirus Deaths in Andalucia

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Current data on Coronavirus cases in Andalucia can be found in Spanish on the Andalucia Health service web page.



Coronavirus first deaths in Andalucia by profile

The first deaths from Coronavirus in Andalucia were two elderly men in private hospitals on the Costa del Sol. The Junta de Andalucia Salud stopped releasing profile information ( sex, age, province ) on 22-03-2020 when the total reached 50.

Date*        Details
13-03-2020 2 men, one 70 yrs in  Hospital Xanit, Benalmadena and the other 82 years in the Hospital Quirón, Malaga.
14-03-2020   3 more, a patient 89 years in Hospital Alto Guadalquivir, in Andujar, Jaén. A 89 year old male in the Costa del Sol Hospital, Marbella. A 70 year old male in Hospital Virgen de la Victoria, Malaga.
15-03-2020 1 more, a patient of 78 years in Hospital General de Jaén city.
16-03-2020   1 more, a 21 year old patient in Malaga.
  4 more, a woman  91 years in Seville and a man 84 in Granada plus two more.
18-03-2020   8 more, two men of 71 and 74 años and two women of 81 and 85 years in Málaga; a woman of 90, a man of 52 and two men of 72 in Granada.
19-03-2020  4 more, three women in in Málaga of 90, 75 and 82 years; and a woman of 84 years en Granada.
20-03-2020  7 more, four women in Málaga of 73, 78, 84 and 85 years; a woman of 86 years and two men of 78 and 92 years in Granada.
21-03-2020  10 more, three men in Málaga of 62, 81 and 86 years; three men in Córdoba of 73, 86 and 87 years; in Granada three men of 76, 79 and 93 years; and a woman in Sevilla of 65 years.
22-03-2020    7 more, a man 92 and a woman 91 in Sevilla, a woman of 92 years en Jaén, a man of 65 years in Málaga a woman of 86 years in Almeria and tow men of 67 and 80 years in Cadiz. 
23-03-2020  11 more, no details released by Salud, Junta de Andalucia.