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Coronavirus Confirmed Cases

Andalucia Statistics

The number of cases (positive Coronavirus tests) in the last seven days has leveled at 2.549 and  those with symptoms dropped to 294. In the last fourteen days positive test were 6.171 and those with symptoms numbered 1.827 Andalucia now has a reducing AI(14d) rate of 72. Cases every day since March 2020 are shown on the graph. There been have been a total of 804.145 positive tests in Andalucia since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, this is about 9.5 % of the population.

The number of tests carried out in the last week was 78.898. The fifth wave testing peak was 171.457 on 05-08-21,  third wave testing peak was 255.313 on 28-01-2021, second wave peak was 169.000 then dropping to a low of 78.000 in early January. The number of tests proving positive rose to 20% but now 5%. It dropped from 20% in November to 8% at Christmas and rose again to 20% last January dropping back to 7% in May & June  Data 20-09-2021

Confirmed cases that required hospital admission in Andalucia in the last seven days is dropping at 172. The total admissions for the pandemic is 56.474. Confirmed cases that required intensive care admission in Andalucia in last seven days is 9 the total for the pandemic is 6.171.

The number of Coronavirus patients currently in Andalucia hospitals has also dropped again to 486 from a 1.478 peak on 09-08-2021. The previous low was 483 on 01-07-2021 and previous peak was 4.962 on 31-01-2021. Patients in currently intensive care are level at 132 from the peak of 268 on 09-08-21. The previous low was 111 on 08-07-2021, down from peak of 724 on 09-02-2021). The second wave peak was 3.478 (10-11-2020) of which 235 were in intensive care. The first wave peak was  2.709 (30-03-2020) of which 438 were in intensive care. Current data as reported by Ministerio de Sanidad on data up to 20-09-2021.

There have been 20 deaths in Andalucia in last seven days. The total for the pandemic is 11.112.

The number of cases diagnosed in the last 14 days per 100,000 populations in Spain is now 83 on 20-09-2021 from 702 peak on 27-07-2021 and 93 low on 24-06-2021 and before Easter mini wave the low was 128 on 16-03-2021. The third wave peak was 890 on 29-01-2021, the second wave peak was 595 in October 2020).

In Andalucia the rate has also dropped to 72 (20-09-21) down from 594 (03-08-21) The previous low was 128 on 24-03-2021, third wave peak  was 959 on 01-02-2021, the second wave peak was 580 and between them a low of 135 on Christmas day.  See updated chart of case rates for all 17 regions at the foot of our Confirmed Cases page.

Andalucia data above was published on 21-09-2021. Spain data on 20-09-2021.



Municipal statistics

Look up AI(14d) latest published rate for any municipality in Andalucia by province. Stats are updated mid-day Monday to Friday. All important rate is in the fifth column "Tasa PDIA 14 días"Almería, Cádiz, Córdoba, Granada, Huelva, Jaén, Málaga, Sevilla.  Last updated 08-02-2021.

Look up the status and the level of measures in force in any  any town or village in Andalucia check the interactive map at the top of our Four levels page.

There are only 7 municipalities in Andalucia (out of 785) whose residents have not recorded a single case. Updated 16-07-2021.  They are all small inland villages with very small populations. There are many more that have not recorded a case in the last 14 days. 

One municipality in Malaga province has not recorded any cases, it is Atajate (population 169) in the Serrania de Ronda.

Four municipalities in Almeria province have not recorded any cases, they are 
Benitagla (pop 58), Laroya (pop 198).

Three municipalities in Granada province have not recorded any cases, they are Carataunas (pop 201), Cástaras (pop 235), Lobras (pop 133).

One municipality in Huelva province has not recorded any cases, it is Cumbres de Enmedio (pop 51) in the Sierra de Aracena.

No municipalities in Cadiz, Cordoba, Seville nor Jaen province have not recorded any cases.



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