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Coronavirus - What can I do or not do?

Masks are compulsory in Andalucia   © Michelle Chaplow
Masks are compulsory in Andalucia

What can I do or not do?

Updated 17-02-2021

It is obligatory to wear a face-mask in cafes, bars, and restaurants, at all times, except when actually eating or drinking. This rule published in the BOJA 22-10-2020 modifies the order of 19-06-2020 which, in effect, exempted masks when seated at tables. Source BOJA 22-10-2020.

Bars can stay open until 18.00. Take away until 21.30. The Andalucia curfew is  from 22.00 to 06.00 hrs.

Meetings of more than four persons (not living together) are still not permitted whether in inside or outside location.

The international borders into Andalucia/Spain are NOT closed by the National Government. However once a traveller is on Andalucia soil, Regional travel restrictions if applicable apply. Andalucia operates a system of four levels (niveles) of measures of protection against Coronavirus. Municipal districts are declared to be in Level 2,3, or 4. To look up the level in any town and read the detailed procedures to follow,  see our Four levels page.

Travel is currently no permitted between the 8 provinces of Andalucia not to neighbouring regions except for justifiable region.

Inter-regional travel is permitted, providing your point of origin and destination do not fall within a confined area where entry and exit restrictions are in place. Transiting confined areas to reach your final destination is permitted, however you should be prepared to show evidence of your onward journey such as train or flight tickets to your final destination.

If travelling with people who are not from the same household, all passengers must wear a face mask covering the nose and mouth.

Additionally, in the case of practicing physical sport that is non federated (ie not part of an official training or competition) the use of mask is obligatory if social distancing cannot be guaranteed. This in effect closes the loophole for casual cyclists and scooter riders not to wear masks. Source BOJA 22-10-2020.

Similarly masks are to be worn walking on the beach or poolside, but not swimming not seated 'under the umbrella' in a family unit. The regional minister clarified the definition of family unit as 'those whom you normally spend time with'. Fines will be issued to those who do not wear mask or do not wear them properly.

Beaches are closed at night from about 22.00 to 07.00 except for solitary sport such as fishing. Although the curfew overides this.

At the entrance to most business and shops there is a stand with hand cleaning gel which should be applied before entering. In supermarkets there may be disposable gloves to be work. you are requested not to handle products that you do not purchase.

Bars, Cafe, and Restaurants should clean and disinfect tables between each customer. In practice some are more thorough than others. So if in doubt watch first and choose your cafe bar. Many restaurants now operate a formal reservation system with a welcome stand at the entrance. Look for this and wait to be seated in all but the smallest of bars.

Watch the floor for signs, lines that are 2m apart at the cash desk queue, and arrows encouraging customers to keep to the right or left.

Mrs O returned from a few days mini-break to the Costa del Sol. Read her interesting and detailed account of the whole trip with respect to Coronavirus safety.

In late October Andalucia government issued a series of restrictions and the National governmemt introduced a second state of alert which will last until 9th May 2021. The main corresponding measure was the introduction of restriction on nightime movement (curfew) from 23.00 to 06.00 hrs. It is currenly modified to 22.00 to 07.00 in Andalucia

RENFE the train operator has introduced a near normal service. Busses locally and nationally operate a near normal schedule.

Hotel and apartment swimming pool might have a capacity system and rules about taking it in turns. Look out for signs or ask the lifeguard.

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