Coronavirus - What can I do or not do?

What can I do or not do?


You are only permitted to leave your house (or hotel) in the following cases:

1. Acquisition of food, pharmaceutical products and primary needs. (close to residence)

2. Attendance at medical centres.

3. Travel to a place of work to offer labour or services, professional or business. (28-03-2020 extended to only reserved professions can travel to work) 

4. Return to your usual residence.

5. Assistance or care of elderly, young, dependents, disabled or those especially vulnerable.

6. A journey to a bank or an insurance office.

7. For a reason considered 'force majeure' or situation of need.

8. Whatever other natural 'analogue activity' duly justified.



Restaurants are only permitted to offer a home delivery service. Walking a dog has been deemed a justified to activity as long as close to home.

Guardia Civil and National police are setting up roadblocks to check that drivers can prove they are travelling for a justified reason, make sure you have some form of documentation to demonstrate this. In general there should not be passengers in a car. If you need to drive another person, for a justifiable reason they must sit in the back on the opposite side to the driver. Here are some useful practical tips.

As of 03-04-2020 all persons outside must wearing a face mask.
As of 26-04-2020 under 14's may go outside for exercise acompanies by an adult, for one hour between 09.00 and 21.00, within 1km of home observing social distancing.