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Geology & Speleology Courses in Andalucia

There is much to be learned about the fascinating limestone formations throughout Andalucía and what better way to get to know them than with an experienced, certified speleologist - or specialist in the study of caves.

Many adventure companies employ at least one speleologist who can take you underground to explore natural wonders and learn about a wide variety of rock formations and other geological phenomena.

Expect to begin with mostly horizontal caves that have wide caverns and give little cause for claustrophobia. As you become more adept, you will have the option of progressing to more difficult levels which include caves with underground cliffs and canyons as well as lakes and rivers that might have to be crossed.

As a consumer, keep in mind that caving is a potentially dangerous activity requiring high quality equipment - ropes, lights and other gear, which must be maintained in excellent condition. Expect to pay for the quality you deserve. Also but be sure the company you choose to learn with is registered with REAT, the Andalusian regional government's regulating body for the adventure tourism industry. This is a good way to ensure you are working with certified guides who are backed by hefty insurance policies.

To learn more about the actual caves that will serve as your underground classrooms in Andalucía, click here.

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