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Educational Tourism - Beauty Schools

Beauty Schools in Andalucia

If you are looking for something to do whilst living in Spain that will gain you qualifications, some of which that will be recognised in the United Kingdom and other countries, there are many beauty schools in the Andalusia area. Some of these schools allow you to gain these internationally recognised certificates in hairdressing and beauty.

A recognised name for teaching hairdressing and beauty practices is CEPPE (centro de ensenañza y profesionales de peluquería y estética).

A certificate that can be gained which is recognised in the United Kingdom is the "certificado de cualificación professional", which can be taken at levels two and three.

A certificate that is recognised in fifty seven countries throughout the world is the "diploma pivot point". These two courses are run by GRUPONEBRO , an organisation that can be found in many of the beauty schools throughout Andalusia, many of which are in Malaga and Cadiz. Another course also run by this group is the "diploma del centro y de la F.A.C.E.P.P.P.E"

Other qualifications that can be gained are in beauty (estética), massage (masaje), personal image consultant (asesor de imagen personal) and make up (esculpidas).

With these courses as with many other groups you pay an inscription fee followed by monthly payments for 24 or 36 months dependant on the course length and payment plan chosen.

These prices include all the necessary equipment that you require, e.g. towels, scissors and text books.

Prices vary between the different courses and schools.