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Personal Development

Expand your horizons in Andalucia © istock photo
Expand your horizons in Andalucia

Personal development Courses in Andalucia

Personal development as a subject - and course offering - is relatively new in Andalucia (and most parts of Spain). However, as more and more foreigners from northern Europe, flock to this region, an increasing number of workshops, seminars and courses are being offered in English and other languages - and you will find the occasional course offering in Spanish as well.

Certain areas in Andalucia serve as mecca's for personal development seekers. Among them are the Costa del Sol - with it's large, resident foreign population - and rural, inland getaways in Málaga province and especially in the Axarquía mountains. There is also an enclave in the Granada area, that is dedicated to alternative health and well being and that could offer such courses as well. In addition, places like Seville, which have large student populations, are also good places to look for such courses, where they might be listed on the notice boards outside university programme offices.

If you are looking for a course in personal development for yourself or your company on the Costa del Sol, you would do well to scout out the classifieds in the local press. In other parts of this region, you are less likely to find professionally oriented courses, but might find someone offering courses with a personal orientation if you check in with local foreigners' associations and read any English press available in order to find possible contacts. If what you are looking for is a seminar leader for your business, you might consider importing a teacher or lifestyle coach from the Costa del Sol or Andalucia.


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