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Birdwatching Courses

Birdwatching Courses in Andalucia

Andalucía is known as a "birdwatcher's paradise". Keep in mind that this is a key region for many birds that migrate between northern Europe and Africa. This translates into excellent bird watching opportunities that can convert even the shortest holiday into an educational experience.

If you are planning to holiday somewhere along the coast, then there is a very useful book that can help you plan your bird watching itinerary and have on hand the educational literature necessary to make sense of what you see. It is called Birdwatching on Spain's Southern Coast by John R. Butler.

Tamer ways to learn about local and foreign bird life can be found in ornithological parks such as the Jardín de las Águilas (Eagle Park) in Benalmádena, which is dedicated to birds of prey.

Further along the coast near Málaga, you can visit Churriana's Parque el Retiro to see 300 species of birds in a beautiful setting. And in the charming coastal town of Alumuñecar (Granada province) you can visit Loro Sexi Bird Park with 1,500 exotic birds representing 200 species.

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