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Music Courses

Music Courses in Andalucia

Andalucía is world-renowned for the flamenco music - flamenco guitar in particular - it exports to the rest of the world. And an extended holiday here could be the perfect opportunity for you to learn the basics - or, if you already play guitar, to expand your horizons.

The first step will be finding a teacher, and the best place to look would be either the local "conservatorio" (conservatory) or "escuela de música" (music school) in the town or city where you are staying. There you should find informal advertisements posted by teachers offering private classes. If you don't find what you are looking for, ask at for a list of recommended teachers from reception.

Local English language press such as the Sur in English also contains classified ads from teachers and sometimes these include music classes.

Other places to seek connections with private teachers would be through dance academies, music stores and - if you dare - at a genuine tablao where the pros and their fans spend long hours playing flamenco music and dancing the nights away.


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