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An excellent option for those who live in Spain but would like to continue their studies using the British education system, is distance learning. Using this online home-study system, you can obtain British qualifications such as A levels, iGCSEs (International General Certificate of School Education, equivalent to GCSEs but awarded by an international exam body), Level 3 Diplomas and BTEC HNC (Higher National Certificate from Edexcel).

Of the many ways to learn Spanish in Spain and get a good foundation in grammar and pronunciation, while having fun in the process is to attend a language school. A good course will give you the grounding you need to boost your confidence when practicing the language in 'real life' later.

Yoga and tai chi are quite popular in Andalucía and classes can be found in both public and private centres. Because of the nature of these activities, you should be able to join a course and enjoy learning new skills even if you are only here for a two or three week holiday.

Wineries are located throughout this region and many of the larger companies offer tours of the facility via guides that explain the processes involved and can answer your questions regarding how wine production differs in Andalucía from that in other parts of Spain and the rest of the world.

Thanks to the mild climate in southern Spain, outdoor tennis can be enjoyed year round. So why not take a few classes and improve your stroke while you're on holiday here? You can find courses through your hotel, the administrative offices in the community of apartments or villas where you are staying or by visiting the nearest town hall and asking for the area's "polideportivo", or municipally sponsored sports centre.

With all the press devoted to sun and beaches it might be difficult to imagine taking a ski holiday in Andalucía, but Sierra Nevada in Granada makes that not only possible, but an excellent idea.

In ports all along the coast of Andalucía sailing classes are typically offered through the port's club, or members' association. As courses are often sold as a package involving a certain number of hours/weeks, these are best reserved only for an extended holiday.

Personal development as a subject - and course offering - is in it's infancy in Andalucia (and most parts of Spain). However, as more and more foreigners from northern Europe, flock to this region, an increasing number of workshops, seminars and courses are being offered in English and other languages - and you will find the occasional course offering in Spanish as well.

Andalucía is world-renowned for the flamenco music - flamenco guitar in particular - it exports to the rest of the world. And an extended holiday here could be the perfect opportunity for you to learn the basics - or, if you already play guitar, to expand your horizons.

Horses are a major attraction in Andalucía. Not only do they form an integral part of local traditions - still taking part in many modern-day fiestas, festivals and other events - they also serve tourists well.