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Dance Courses in Andalucia

Dance Courses

Learn to dance

Wouldn't it be fun to return from Spain as an accomplished Flamenco dancer? A short - or even somewhat extended - holiday might not be enough to take your skills quite that far, but in as little as a month's time, you can learn some basic moves. And you'll have a lot of fun creating unforgettable memories and making new friends.

You can take courses either in a municipally sponsored cultural centre - Casa de Cultura - or from private instructors either in an academy, gym or private home. To find the former, ask for directions at the town hall in the town or city where you are staying.

There are several places to find private classes. If there is a university nearby, check postings on campus, especially in the "Facultad de Filología y Letras" (language department). Young Spaniards with dancing skills, who wish to set up classes, know that foreign language students are usually thick on this part of the campus. Therefore, this is where they are most likely to advertise.

There are small private academies in every coastal town - no matter how small - and many inland towns and villages. You can find the one nearest you either by asking around or walking the streets until you hear that distinct clicking sound that comes from the heels stamping, and the sound of castanets chopping the air. You can usually sign up and start right away.

Private gyms are also a good place to look for courses as these are very likely to have aerobic facilities that double as a dance studio.

When looking for courses, don't limit yourself to pure flamenco classes. You can have just as much fun - if not more - learning Sevillanas, a form of folk dancing that is popular throughout this region (and one that foreigners often mistakenly refer to as "flamenco dancing"). It is also easy to find good quality salsa, merengue and tango dance classes for equally reasonable prices.


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