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Adventure Companies in Andalucia

ADVENTURE Courses in Andalucia

Adventure companies seem to be popping up everywhere in Andalucía as tourists ask for an ever increasing variety of activities.

Much of what they offer has an educational focus and guides offer introductory level training courses to beginners wishing to try kayaking, rafting, trekking into the mountains, caving, climbing steep cliffs and descending into challenging cracks, crevices and canyons in the earth's surface.

An adventure tour is a wonderful way to get to know Andalucía while you gain new skills, however, it is important to know how to identify reputable adventure companies in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

The Andalusian regional government regulates adventure companies under a relatively recent set of legislation that requires these companies to be registered with an organisation called REAT. Companies that have obtained their REAT registration should only be employing adventure tour guides that have been certified locally, nationally and, in some cases internationally. These companies are also required to take out an expensive insurance policy that acts as a strong deterrent against carelessness.

You will find adventure companies operating all along the Costa del Sol, and these normally offer a wide variety of inland activities as well.


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