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Photography Workshops

Photography workshops and tours in Andalucia, Spain.© Michelle Chaplow
Photography workshops and tours in Andalucia, Spain.

Photography tours and workshops in Andalucia

Andalucia holds a special attraction for photographers, ranging from beginners to the most world renowned experts. Thanks to a culture that provides endless enchanted themes and lighting that makes dreams come true for those looking through their lenses, southern Spain is a perfect place to learn or improve your photography skills.

Award winning, international photographer, Michelle Chaplow, is based in Andalucia and offers occasional workshops. These courses are geared to offer participants a unique opportunity to develop a wide range of photographic skills while touring some of the most beautiful and remote areas of Andalucia.

Michelle Chaplow’s work is highly acclaimed internationally. She has worked for National Geographic Travel Guides, the U.S. Library of Congress, British Airways and numerous other prestigious clients. Her stock collection of photos from Andalucia is potentially the largest in the world.




If you have your camera ready and are simply looking for opportunities to become a better photographer, you might like to check information regarding future photography workshops in Ronda or tours in Andalucia.



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