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Levels of prevention measures - Level 2

Levels of protection measures against Coronavirus in Andalucia. Updated 24-11-2020
Levels of protection measures against Coronavirus in Andalucia. Updated 24-11-2020

Level 2 of protection measures against Coronavirus in Andalucia

In late October 2020 the Andalucia government announced a system of four levels (niveles') of measures of protection against Coronavirus. Here are the Level 2 measures grouped in the height of risk the activity represents. Read about the Andalucia four level system.

translated by Kevin G Monterrubio


Wakes and Burials
Maximum of 25 people in open air spaces or 10 people in closed spaces, whether they are living together or not.

Civil ceremonies
Capacity of 50% both closed space and open air that allows interpersonal distance. People must take a seat.

Celebrations after civil or religious ceremonies
If  taking  place in a hotel, the hotel and restaurant capacity and measures apply.
If taking place in celebration rooms or in a different place, even in a private setting, capacity of 75% with a maximum of 100 people inside and 150 outside.
Service at tables of maximum 6 people.

Hostelry and Restaurants (hotels included)
Hospitality without music: 75% capacity indoors and 100% in open spaces (outdoor terraces).
Hospitality with music and specials events with music: 60% capacity indoors and premises and 100% in open spaces (outdoor terraces) (Drink bars must be closed).
Consumption at counter bars is allowed providing social distance maintained.
Tables or groups maximum 6 people.
Distance 1.5 m between chairs, different tables or groups.
Closing at 22:30.
Closing hours do not apply to those with a special regime.

Sports centres conventional and non-conventional (gyms and dancing school included)
65% capacity both closed and open air for athletes and 65% spectator capacity with a maximum of 400 in closed facilities and 800 in open-air facilities.
65% capacity in dance academies.
Non-federated sport recommended in stable groups.
Risk assessment specifies when the indicated spectator limits are exceeded. (400 and 800)
Aerobic activities or group dance classes must be designed and planned with a maximum capacity of 15 people.

Shared swimming pool
75% of the allowed capacity

Betting and gaming rooms
Capacity of 75% in the premises.
Restoration according to standards hotels and restaurants.
No more than 6 people at table games.
Closing 10.30pm.

Discotheque and night clubs

Student`s residences
Opening of common areas to 75% (libraries, game rooms, television, etc.)
75% lunchrooms with a maximum of 100 people inside and 150 outside.
Restaurants must comply with hospitality standards.

Gastronomic or recreative associations and cultural or similar associations
Maximum capacity of 75% and interpersonal distance 1.5 meters.
Restaurants activity must comply with hospitality standards.
Closing at 10.30 p.m.

High risk situations

Recreational facilities (kids leisure and recreation, fairs)
Recreational establishments for children that are intended to offer games and recreational attractions specifically designed for public aged 12 or less years, play spaces and entertainment, as well as celebration of children´s parties, will remain closed.
Leisure and entertainment centers, amusement and theme parks, and water parks with capacity 60% maximum for open spaces and 1/3 capacity for closed places.
Fairground rides with rows of seat will have a maximum capacity 50% keeping distance from interpersonal security (except cohabitants).
Fairground rides without seats with a maximum capacity of 50% except interpersonal security distance cannot be guaranteed in which case that will be 30%.

Fairs, Verbenas, pilgrimages and other popular and traditional festivities
It is recommended that festival shall not be held. This includes festivals, pilgrimages and other popular festival or traditional activities.

Medium risk

Maximum capacity of 75% that allows social distance, if it is not possible to keep security  between clients, one one customer inside establishment at a time.
Close 22.30, except pharmaceutical establishments, medical, veterinary, automotive fuel and others considered essential.

Private and public open air markets
Establishment of requirements for distance between positions and delimitation conditions of the market with the aim of ensure safety and distance between workers, clients and pedestrians.

Cinemas, Theatres, auditoriums, special establishments for festivities, covered circus and similar, open air establishments
75% of the allowed capacity, with a maximum limit of 400 people for closed places and 800 in the case of outdoor free activities.
Must respect the capacity limit that maintain social distance.
Seating pre-assigned.
Bar & Cafe activities fulfilling the measures of hostelry.
Establishment must undertake a risk assessment if capacity limits are to be exceeded.

Museums and exhibition rooms
Without exceeding the 75% limit of capacity allowed for each of its rooms and public spaces.
Group visits will be of a maximum of up to 25 people, including the monitor or guide.

Archives, libraries and documentation centres
Without exceeding the 75% limit of capacity allowed for each of its rooms and public spaces.

Monuments and cultural sites
Without exceeding the 75% limit of capacity allowed for each of its rooms and public spaces.
Visits in groups of 25 people.

Congresses, business meetings, commercial fairs and other events
Without exceeding 75% in any case the capacity of the venue and keeping interpersonal distance established.
Maximum 400 people in closed spaces or 800 in outside spaces.
Restoration activities fulfilling the measures of hospitality or, where appropriate, lounges of celebrations.
Establishment must undertake a risk assessment if capacity limits are to be exceeded.

Shared areas in hotels and tourist accommodations
Occupation of common areas of hotels and accommodations tourism may not exceed 50% of its capacity.
Restoration according to standards of hospitality or salons celebrations as appropriate.
Animation activities or group classes should be designed and planned with a maximum capacity of 15 people.

Residencia Tiempo Libre and Inturjoven (youth hostels)
As hotels.

Bull fighting festivities and shows
Maximum capacity 50%.
Pre-assigned seats.

Public transport
In regular public transport, where all the occupants must take a seat (eg Bus), all seats may be used.
On public transport where there are standing platforms, passengers can occupy all the seas and 75% of the available standing places. Passengers must  seek the greatest separation possible between other passengers.
In maritime ferries travelers may use the entire occupation available seeking the maximum separation between other passengers.

Other transport
On motorcycles, mopeds and category L vehicles in general, which are provided with two approved seats – driver and passenger, 2 persons will be able to travel.
In private transport in vehicles up to 9 seats, including the driver, as many people as there are places are permitted to travel.
In public passenger transport in vehicles with up to 9 seats, including driver, it is permitted  to occupy all of the back seats of the vehicle, as well as those offered in the driver's row. The back seats must be occupied first.
When the level of occupation allows it, there must be the maximum separation between passengers.

Allowed, with social distance of safety and masks.
There should be a plan of performance by the organizer when multiple people participate.
Utensils, items or food cannot be shared.
When within the hunting activity there is a food or drink hospitality service, 75% capacity with maximum of 100 people inside and 150 outside.
Maximum of 6 people per table.
If hospitality is taking place in a hotel, capacity and measures for hotels and restaurants apply.

Sea fishing is permitted.
River, sports and recreational fishing is permitted, with mask and social distance, except when  the nature of the activity is incompatible.
In the case of sport fishing from a boat, the max number of authorized persons is dictated by the certificates of the boat.
Utensils, items or food cannot be shared.

Maximum authorized persons in the navigability certificates.
Jet skis, you cannot exceed the number of places authorized by the manufacturer. Navigation practices for the obtaining recreational qualifications with maximum number of students on board established in Real Decreto 875/2014.

Youth camping
Overnight stay: 150 participants in open spaces; 50% of the capacity with 100 people maximum in closed spaces.
Shifts in case the number of participants do it necessary.
Activities without overnight stay: 12 h maximum duration.
Activities: in subgroups of 1 monitor for every 10 participants.
The lunchrooms that are closed of activities with or without overnight stay may not exceed 50% capacity, with a maximum of 6 people per table and keeping the distances established between clients for hospitality and restoration.

Zoos, botanical and geological establishments
2/3 capacity in establishments.
50% capacity at attractions.
Visits: groups of up to 25 people.


Environmental educational activities, natural sites visit or activities
Environmental Education activities and school visits and activities should performed in groups of up to 10 participants when performed in spaces closed.
In case activities take place in open air, maximum is 20 participants.

Activities in academies, driving schools and private lessons
Capacity of 75% compared to maximum allowed and with a maximum up to 25 people per classroom.

Parks, gardens, playgrounds and recreational areas in open air
Open estimated maximum capacity of one person for every four square metres. Calculated based on the surface area of the enclosure.
Organised group activities and sports must be designed and planned with a capacity maximum of 15 people.
Daily cleaning and disinfection of equipment.

Environmental activities
In groups of up to 30 people.

Guided tours activities
Only by prior appointment.
Groups of maximum 20 people.
No distribution of brochures or the like.

Closing from 9.30 p.m. to 7.00 a.m.
Town halls oversee leisure and recreation rules.

Source: BOJA


Other levels


  • Level One – Absolute Normality
  • Level Two - a series of detailed practical measures to be followed. Lowest level of measures
  • Level Three - a series of detailed practical measures to be followed. Higher level of measures
  • Level Four - a series of detailed practical measures to be followed. Highest level of measures
  • Level Four Grade Two - a series of detailed practical measures to be followed. Even Higher level of measures.


You can check current level in any Andalucia municipality on the interactive map below. Enter the name of the municipality (town or village) under 'Donde vives?' and click on 'Entrar' button. The town will appear on the maps and you can scroll out to see others. The level (or fase) for the town selected appears under the map



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