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Córdoba province

Córdoba province

This reservoir and its immediate surrounding area on the Genil river covers 1,460ha, with a section at its southern end in Seville province. The shore vegetation attracts many birds for nesting.

The 89ha shallow, seasonal Laguna del Conde is part of a group of lakes and wetlands dotted around southern Cordoba province called the Lagunas or Zonas Húmedas del Sur. These lakes are the principal breeding site of the white-headed duck and are rich in birdlife, especially during winter and migration periods.

One of a series of inland saline lakes dotted around southern Cordoba province, the 3.2ha Laguna del Rincón and its protected environs covers a total of 138ha and attracts numerous wildfowl in winter. It is also an important breeding site for birds. Like Laguna de Zóñar and Laguna Amarga, it is permanent. There is a bird hide at the lake.

With its surface measuring 37ha, the Laguna de Zóñar is the largest of a series of inland saline lakes in southern Cordoba province and the deepest in Andalucia. It is the most important lake in the province, of outstanding ornithological interest as a haven for overwintering aquatic birds and an important breeding area for many bird species, particularly the white-headed duck. Its total protected area covers 370ha.

One of a series of inland wetland sites in southern Cordoba province, the seasonal saline Laguna de Tíscar and its protected environs covers 191ha. There is a bird hide near the lake.

The Laguna de los Jarales is a saline lake located southwest of Lucena. The reserve covers 122ha and is noteworthy for its variety of aquatic habitats, as well as being an important breeding and overwintering site for wildfowl. Although it is a seasonal lake, in periods of high rainfall it sometimes contains water all year round.

One of six inland saline lakes in southern Cordoba province, Laguna Amarga and its protected environs covers 263ha and, like the other lakes, attracts numerous migrant birds in winter and for breeding. It is a permanent lake and is located between Puente Genil and Lucena. There is a footpath around the lake, which leads to a bird hide.

The Cueva de los Murciélagos (the Cave of the Bats) is a system of caves situated on the edges of the limestone Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park, 4km from the attractive village of Zuheros. Of the 60 caves registered in the park, the most important one is the Cueva de los Murciélagos, internationally renowned for its schematic and unique rock paintings and significant archaeological remains dating from Neolithic times.