Torre del Campo

Torre del Campo

Via Verde of Olive Oil

This vía verde (greenway) covers 55km between Jaen and the Guadajoz river, where it joins the Vía Verde of the Subbética. It is suitable for walkers, cyclists and wheelchair users. This greenway follows part of the 120km-long Jaen-Puente Genil railway line used for transporting olive oil from the late 19th century onwards, linking Jaen with Malaga and Algeciras and opening up the market for oil.

Torredelcampo Festivals

Torredelcampo popular traditional festivals celebrated are the Three Kings, San Anton, Carnival, Holy Week, Romería de Santa Ana, San Isidro, Feria y Fiestas de Santa Ana.

Weather - Torredelcampo

If you are considering visiting Torredelcampo you may be interested to check the weather forecast for the next few days in the table below.

Iglesia de San Bartolomé - Torredelcampo

This church is a partly medieval construction, a style still visible in some areas such as the sacristy and the main altar, however, most of the current configuration was builtin the sixteenth century, with works by Don Francisco del Castillo “El Viejo” and his son, Don Francisco del Castillo “El Mozo”.

Cerro Miguelico - Torredelcampo

This hill is in the Jabalcuz massif, which is part of the Sierra de La Grana. In the western and southern areas, there is a stretch of cyclopean wall, possibly from the first century AD. The wall measures about 6m in height and 20m in length. In the 1960s,remains of a Roman house were discovered in the surrounding lands.

Castillo del Berrueco - Torredelcampo

The castle is situated next to the old crossroads of Jaén, Arjona, Iliturgi and Martos. Its position is one of great strategic value, as suggested by the settlement of Cerro San Antón. The castle rises on a rocky ledge and is organised in two sections, the upper of which is crowned with two circular towers and one with a square plan.

Torre de la Muña - Torredelcampo

After the conquest of Torredelcampo at the hands of Fernando III “El Santo”, castles in the area such asCastillo del Berrueco were reformed and expanded and new watchtowers were built, among them the Torre de la Muña. It is located at 379m above sea level, between the junction of the Torrelampérezstreamsto the west and Las Correderas to the east.

Torre Olvidada - Torredelcampo

This ruined watchtower is located on a rocky promontory of the same name, 479m above sea level. It would once have controlled the road from Jaén to Arjona, being delimited to the east and north by the Cortijo de Piedra Partida stream.


Torredelcampo is situated to the west of the capital of the province, between the mountains and flat plains, in a landscape dominated by olive trees.It offers the inland tourist rich natural heritage and historic monuments. It has about 14,200 inhabitants.