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Torre de la Muña - Torredelcampo

Torre de la Muña - Torredelcampo

After the conquest of Torredelcampo at the hands of Fernando III “El Santo”, castles in the area such asCastillo del Berrueco were reformed and expanded and new watchtowers were built, among them the Torre de la Muña. It is located at 379m above sea level, between the junction of the Torrelampérezstreamsto the west and Las Correderas to the east. It is 1,640m to the north of the Castillo de Castriz. The square medieval tower was built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, with irregular masonry reinforced with ashlars at the corners. It is likely to have been the keep of a small rural castle.

Located northwest of Torredelcampo,off the JV-2334.


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