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Theatre Festivals

Festival de Teatro
El Ejido (Almeria), May /June
An annual contest with two days of theatre productions in the plazas and municipal theatre.

Festival of Comedy and Humorous Theatre
Adra (Almeria), August
Annual festival taking place in various local venues.
Tel: 950 400 400

Muestra de Teatro del Alto Guadalquivir
(Córdoba) end June
A theatre festival which takes place in the majestic Torre de Garci-Mendez tower (which closely resembles Seville's Giralda) on the eve of Saint Peter.
Tel: 957 180 021

Feria del Teatro en el Sur
 July  Palma del Rio (Córdoba) is transformed into the centre of dramatic art for a week with impromptu stages on the street where more than 30 top drama groups from Andalucia from all over the province perform their latest works.
Tel: 957 644 370

Festival Europeo de Teatro Greco Latino Santiponce
(Seville) April
European festival of Greek and Latin theatre appropriately staged at the Roman ruins and magnificent amphitheatre of Italica near