Alcornocales - Routes

Part of the GR7 runs through the Alcornocales park © Michelle Chaplow
Part of the GR/ runs through the Alcornocales Park

Alcornocales Natural Park - Suggested routes

From Alcalá de los Gazules
The A375 crosses the northern part of the park, through magnificent cork forests and past rugged mountains. Several minor roads, sometimes tortuously winding in places, lead off the A375, if you want to explore the park further. The A375 climbs out of Alcalá de los Gazules and at Km 30 is El Picacho picnic area, the starting point of three walks. It's worth stopping to appreciate the views; just off the A375 on the CA0567 road is the viewpoint Mirador Puerto de las Palomas and where the A375 joins the A373 before Ubrique is the Mirador Mojón de la Víbora.

Ojén valley
The CA221 road between Facinas in the west and Los Barrios in the east is an attractive route, passing through the Ojén valley. Halfway along is the Mirador Puerto de Ojén, with superb views across the park. The road winds through cork forests and past verdant river woodland in the bottom of the valley itself. See GR7 walk for a description of this route.

Los Barrios to Facinas birdwatching route
If you're into birdwatching there are various bird observatories along the N340 coast road between Los Barrios and Facinas that skirts the edges of the park. These are prime positions for watching migration; choose observatories west of Tarifa when winds are westerly and those east of Tarifa when there are easterly winds. This route also has stunning views across the Strait of Gibraltar to the African coastline.

From Los Barrios, the first one is El Algarrobo, at Km 99.1, just north of the N340. A few kilometres later in El Pelayo, at Km 96, is a visitors' centre, the Centro de Visitantes Huerta Grande. It has information on bird migration in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The second is El Cabrito, reached by taking the track at Km 91 leading off the N340. Further west along the coast is the Observatorio Valle del Santuario. Just outside Facinas is the Puerto de Facinas observatory.