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Coronavirus - Closures


On Friday 13th March Andalucia the regional government had announced that the Alhambra de Granada, Picasso Malaga, Bellas Artes Sevilla, Medinat al-Zahra in Córdoba, Real Alcázar in Sevilla and all the 27 museums and monuments managed by the Junta de Andalucia were closed from immediate effect. The closure also applied to the theatres and libraries of the Junta de Andalucia (regional government) and to concerts or any cultural event that they had programmed.

Sierra Nevada ski resort had already closed early for the season. The Parador chain of hotels has closed and like some other hotel chains such as Room Mates have offered use of hotels as hospitals if needed.    Many other hotels have closed in response to all the cancellations. Spanish nationals and residents are not permitted to travel for leisure and international travellers have mostly returned home.  

On Saturday 14th March the Andalucia president of the regional government issued an order to close all the shops, parks, beaches of Andalucia. Only food shops, pharmacies, medical centres, kiosks can open to the public.

The Spanish government decree on that Saturday evening now means that no attractions or monument nor any leisure facilities will not be open.

Kindergartens, Schools, Colleges and Universities in all Andalucia were already closed from Monday 16th March by order of the Andalucia Health Service (SAS).

The Spanish government closed all the country's hotels from Thursday 26th March. As a result, the UK government had advised all tourists to return home before the deadline. A Foreign Office spokesman said British travellers in Spain should contact their tour operator or airline as soon as possible to arrange their return journey.

Tuesday 28-04-2020 the "Plan for the Transition to a new Normality" was revealed: four stages over 8 weeks on a province by province basis. Tourist international arrivals were not mentioned in the plan. From the 06-06-2020 to the (hopefully) 20-06-2020 Spaniards will be able to travel internally between provinces and at leave the province where they live, so it is highly unlikely that there will be any tourist arrivals before this date. 

In late May and June some Museums and began to open to limited number of visitors inline with the de-escalation plan. Bear in mind that travel between provinces is not permitted until late June at the earliest and conditional International travel starting in July. Here we list some significant opening dates.

It is now more relevant to read our page on re-openings.