Four phases of Plan for the Transition to a new Normality

Four phases of Plan for the Transition to a new Normality

Pedro Sánchez, announced on Tuesday 28-04-2020 the de-escalation "Plan for the Transition to a new Normality" (Plan para la Transición a una nueva Normalidad) which will last eight weeks until the end of June. "there will be no movement between provinces or islands until the new normal is reached."

Under the plan re-openings will be allowed in the Provinces (Spain is made up of 50 provinces list  Map) where the coronavirus is more controlled. Every 15 days an evaluation of the situation will be made, and new places will be added.  

Minister for Health Salvador Illa, detailed on Thursday 30-04-2020 how adults are able to go for a walk or undertake individual sports. From 06.00 to 10.00 hrs and from 20.00 to 23.00 hrs persons between 14 yrs and 70 yrs can go for one walk a day, maximum distance from home 1km. Two people can walk together if they live together or if one is a carer, keeping at least 1m to 2m from others. This is also the time for individuals (not pairs) to practice exercise or sport ie go running or cycling. The one km limit does not apply to sport but must remain within municipality. You can not travel by car or public transport to a spot to start the 1km radius. From 10.00 to 12.00 hrs is the time for the over 70's and those needing a help. From 12.00 to 19.00 hrs is the time for children under 14 accompanied by an adult as permitted since Sunday 26-04-2020. In municipalities of less than 5.000 inhabitants the hours do not apply.

Pedro Sánchez gave some more details of the phased de-escalation "Plan for the Transition to a new Normality" (Plan para la Transición a una nueva Normalidad) on his regular Saturday evening televised press conference. We have updated the de-escalation plan phase rules below. From Monday 04-02-2020 the use of masks on public transport will be obligatory. (It was only recommended before, but has passed to be obligatory as there are now sufficient stocks).



Four phases of Plan for the Transition to a new Normality

Includes updates from «BOE» núm. 123, de 3 de mayo de 2020

Table below shows the four phases of de-escalation in plan to return to a new normality.

Activity Phase 0 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3




One hour a day walk, at specific hours for children, adults and seniors.

Physical Activity

Tending vegetable gardens & allotments


Socialising in restricted small groups

One person in a car. There can be more, if the occupants live in the same house. Up to two people in a 6 seater car, sitting in different rows. A car with 7 to 9 seats with 3 rows, can have three people.

Restricted funerals.

Socialising in less restricted groups.

Visiting second residences in the same province

Small weddings

Less restricted funerals


Larger weddings

Larger funerals

Small Shops

Visits by appointment only, one to one customer service.

Elderly people will be given preferential treatment for appointments.

If there is personal contact, such as a beauty salon, protective measures will be used, masks, gloves etc.

Opening of shops, but not shopping malls.

Limited to 30% capacity and 2 meter social distancing.

Street markets 25% capacity.

Preferential treatment will be given to elderly shoppers.

Opening of shopping malls without recreational zones.

Limited to 40 % capacity and 2 meter social distancing

Street markets 25% capacity

Preferential treatment will be given to elderly shoppers

Driving schools and academies

Opening of shopping malls with recreational zones

Limited to 50 % capacity and 2 meter social distancing

Street markets 50% capacity

Bars, Cafes,


Restaurants and Bars for home delivery and takeaway only

The outside terraces of bars and restaurants can open with 30% capacity and 2m social distancing.

Table service with a 33% capacity and 2m between tables and clients.

You could be closer if you live in the same house as the other diner.

Outdoor terraces at 50% 

Restaurants and cafes can have a 50% capacity with 1,5m social distancing.

Discotheques and bars can open at 33% capacity.

Hotels &

Not allowed.

The only exceptions are the ones hosting key workers or those on an emergency family mission.

Opening of hotels (for client from the same province) with no access to communal zones (spa, gym etc)  and restricted restaurant services.

09-05-2020 Update: One can visit a second home if it is in the same Province. 
Communal zones of hotels can open at 30% capacity, but not hotel restaurants. Communal zones of hotels can open at 50% capacity, but not hotel restaurants.

Culture & Leisure

Opening of archives and records offices.

Libraries and museums with up to 33% capacity.

Theatre, dance and performances in closed spaces, with a maximum of 30 people.

Open air theatre, dance and performances , with a maximum of 200 people.

Active outdoor sports and nature tourism in small limited groups.

Cinemas, monuments, theatres can open with up to 33% capacity.

Performances in closed spaces with a maximum of 50 people.

Open air performances with up to 400 people.

Active outdoor tourism and nature tourism, in larger groups.

All activities that were at 33% will be able to have a 50% capacity.

Bullfighting with a 9m social distancing.

Indoor performances will have a maximum of 80 people.

Open air performance and theme parks will have a maximum capacity of 800 people.

Outdoor activities and nature tourism

Beaches will open with life guards and security conditions.


Remote working

Shift working to limit numbers.

Protocol to be confirmed.   There will be a pre-defined protocol for the re-incorporation of staff.

(non professional)

Sports activity for one hour a day with no personal contact. Cycling, running etc.

 Outdoor exercise, the person must be alone and have no contact with another person.

Sports centres, personal training, by appointment only with no use of changing facilities.

Outdoor sports with with limited capacity. 

Sports centres without spectators.

Open for sports with limited numbers


Sports centres with one person per 20m

Sports games 33% capacity

Religion   Up to 33% capacity Up to 50% capacity  
Mobility (urban) The current minimum public transport service, will slowly increase. Municipal and urban transport will run at 80-100% capacity   All public transport 100%



Source: RD 463/2020, modificado por el RD 465/2020, el RD 487/2020 y el RD/492/2020

Table below shows dates tha locations move into a new phase.

Activity Phase 0 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3




All Spain



la Gomera,
el Hierro,
la Graciosa



-Andalucia:Huelva, Sevilla, Cordoba, Jáen, Cádiz & Almeria.

- Aragón: Huesca, Teruel & Zaragoza.
- Asturias
- Baleares: Ibiza, Menorca & Mallorca.
- Canarias: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura & La Palma.
- Cantabria
- Castilla y León: by health districts.
- Castilla-La Mancha: Guadalajara & Cuenca.
- Cataluña: by health districts.
- Comunidad Valenciana: by health districts.
- Ceuta
- Extremadura: Cáceres y Badajoz.
- Galicia: A Coruña, Lugo, Orense y Pontevedra.
- La Rioja
- Melilla
- Murcia
- Navarra
- País Vasco: Álava, Vizcaya y Guipúzcoa


  Malaga and Granada provinces Formentera,
la Gomera,
el Hierro,
la Graciosa
25-05-2020 None of Spain Madrid, Barcelona and Castilla y Leon -Andalucia:Huelva, Sevilla, Cordoba, Jáen, Cádiz & Almeria and other the Spanish provinces.  
01-06-2020     -Andalucia: Granada and Malaga (Costa del Sol) Formentera,
la Gomera,
el Hierro,
la Graciosa
08-06-2020   None of Spaibn Madrid and Barcelona All 8 provinces of Andalucia including Granada and Malaga (Costa del Sol). Most of Spain.

Source: Royal Decree 463/2020, modified RD 465/2020, RD 487/2020 & RD/492/2020




Four phases of Plan for the Transition to a new Normality



Children under the age of 14 taking one hour's exercise (from Sunday 26-02-2020) and extended to adults (from Saturday 02-05-2020) to take a walk in pairs or play sport individually.



Cafes and bars and restaurants may open terraces to 50% (was 30%) occupancy and configured to accommodate social distancing. , offered over a counter or behind a screen. Outdoor markets with 25% capacity.

Meetings of families and friends up to 10 persons (except vulnerable and those with symptoms) always respecting social distancing.

Tourist accommodation will open with certain restrictions. In the agricultural and fishing sectors activities will resume. Religions services can resume with 30% occupancy.



Hunting and fishing will be allowed.  The opening of hotels and business in the rural interior at 30% of its capacity.  Cinemas and theatres may be reopened with a seat assigned to a third capacity. Cultural acts and shows for less than 50 people indoors or for up to 400 people sitting outdoors.

The time slot for walking and sport is increased to any time of the day except those hours reserved for elderly and more vunerable which is 10.00 to 12.00 and 19.00 to 20.00. the regions can vary these hours to take into account the heat.  

Visit to beach for relaxation permitted maintaining social distancing. 


The reopening of trade in general, with limit of 50% capacity and clients maintaining a minimum distance of two meters. In restaurants and bars the capacity will be more flexible, although social distancing will be maintained.

Circulation between provinces to be decided by regional governments. Circulation between Regions generally not permitted unless neighbouring regions have a bilateral agreement.  





Map of Provinces and Coasts of Andalucia

Map of the provinces and coasts of Andalucia