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Jose Amos

Business People

Jose Amos Garcia Magallanes is one of many Andalucian business people who use Andalucia.com as a platform for doing business, thereby enjoying its many benefits. He owns a car rental business based at Malaga Airport.

AC: When was your business established?

Jose A. Garcia: In 1998

AC: And when did you start doing business over the internet?

Jose A. Garcia: I started in 2000 with the domain Autopro.es, and a year later, with the purchase of another car rental company, I joined the domain Malagacar.com

AC: Why did you choose Andalucia.com as a medium to advertise your company and generate more traffic to your website?

Jose A. Garcia: Because the information that Andalucia.com offers to our potential clients is very good. We are conscious of the fact that many of our clients choose their holiday destination first, by visiting Andalucia.com, and then afterwards, they select accommodation, car hire etc. Consequently, many Andalucia.com users become clients of Malagacar.com, because they have quick and easy access to our website via our advertisement on this portal of information about Andalucía.

AC: How did you find out about Andalucia.com?

Jose A. Garcia: One of the sales team visited us, and also through a reference from another businessman who also works with Andalucia.com.

AC: To what degree has Andalucia.com contributed to the success of your company?

Jose A. Garcia: I couldn't say by what percentage my sales have increased since we began advertising with Andalucia.com, but we do know that sales have risen thanks to the connection between the quality of information that is offered to our clients on Andalucia.com, and our website. Above all, it was a big push to bring attention to our company on the internet. It has been a very important venture for us. And, every time we go to do something on the internet, I ask for advice from Andalucia.com because I know that their knowledge is of great value.

AC: Would you recommend Andalucia.com to your friends with online businesses?

Jose A. Garcia: Yes, of course, especially companies offering accommodation services, since their clients are also my potential clients. In an indirect way, the clients of these companies then come to us.



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