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You and the law in Spain

You and the Law in Spain by David Searle
You and the Law in Spain by David Searle


Author:  David Searl
lISBN:  978-84-89954-85-4
Publisher:  Santana Books

With this elegant anniversary edition You & the Law in Spain celebrates twenty years of helping foreigners navigate the minefield of Spanish law.

Ever mindful of the need to address items of current concern as well as the perennial 'chestnuts' of taxation, employment law and the sale and purchase of property, author David Searl gives in this edition a range of valuable tips to counter the recession in which we are all presently embroiled.

On a local level Andalusia's easing of inheritance tax will interest residents of southern Spain as will the high court's recent "illegal" ruling on the much reported demolition of a British couple's house in Almeria; while on a national level Spain's on-going sparring with the EU continues to absorb the country's foreign community.

In accordance with readers' requests the increasingly popular What to do - crisis advice section, introduced two years ago, has been further expanded; the images of official documents reproduced in the book have been greatly enhanced; and, as in all previous editions of the book, there is a complete translation, together with incisive commentary, of Spain's Horizontal Law regulating Communities of Property Owners.

The 22nd edition was published in June 2013 and a later version called 2015 edition was published in October 2015.

The publisher Santana book have closed down, a new publisher is preparing a new edition and this will be published in 2018.


With two decades now behind it, You & the Law in Spain continues its unchallenged reign as the No.1 reference work for anyone with a stake in Spain.

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