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electric Scooters in Spain - Law

electric Scooters in Spain - Law

In Spain scooters and skate boards are classed as Personal Mobility Vehicles PVM  or VMP in Spanish Vehicules de Mobilite Personal.

It is forbidden for the VMP to go on pavements (sidewalks), pedestrian areas, pedestrian (zebra) crossing (crosswalks), main road highways, dual carriageways, interurban roads (roads between towns or villages) or tunnels in urban areas.

The routes authorized for VMP circulation will be indicated by a local Town Hall municipal ordinance. If there is none, circulation is allowed on any urban road.

Wearing a helmet is compulsory only IF the local town hall ordinance makes wearing a helmet on a VMP mandatory.

Only one person may ride on a scooter of VPN.

Technical requirements.

The DGT is preparing a manual with technical specifications. Once published and after 24 months, all VMPs must carry a circulation certificate to guarantee minimum security requirements.

Other standards.

 The speed of VMP must be between 6 and 25 km/h. It is mandatory to have a braking system, an acoustic warning device (bell), lights and rear and front reflective devices.

Third party insurance is obligatory. This is usually obtained by the VPN owner, check if you hire or borrow a vehicle.


Driving on an electric scooter under the influence of alcohol and other drugs can carry a fine of between €500 and €1,000 depending on the level of alcohol or €1,000 if it involves drugs. In case of testing positive, in addition, the vehicle will be immobilized, as is the case with other vehicles.

For using the mobile phone while driving a scooter or any other communication device, or any headphones the fine will be €200.   

Only one person per scooter, no passengers. No animals as passengers and no luggage other than a small shoulder bag or rucksack.

If you drive at night without lighting or reflective clothing the fine is € 200

If you do not wear a helmet, IF the local town hall ordinance make wearing a helmet mandatory, the fine is € 200.

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