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Cost Cutting

You can save money on education at all stages in Andalucia - even for adults and third-age students. Beginning with nursery, it is not hard to find municipally-subsidised care that might cost less than 100 euros per month - slightly more if your child stays for meals. Pre-school (Infantil) is now offered free of charge in most municipalities, and takes place on primary school campuses.

Originally known as 100 peseta stores in pre-euro times, these offer a wide range of goods, from clothes and shoes to pet equipment, kitchen goods, stationery, DIY and fashion accessories. Often Chinese-owned these days, many of their goods are of dubious quality, although you can find great bargains - basic household chemicals and cleaning products.

To begin with, prices in general are quite reasonable in Andalucia - at least as compared to northern Europe. However, if real savings are your objective, it helps to have some local know-how in order to really cut costs on every corner.