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Budget Stores

Budget Stores

Originally known as 100 peseta stores in pre-euro times, these offer a wide range of goods, from clothes and shoes to pet equipment, kitchen goods, stationery, DIY and fashion accessories.

Often Chinese-owned these days, many of their goods are of lower quality, although you can find great bargains - basic household chemicals and cleaning products, as well as laundry baskets and handy storage items, at discount prices. Be advised that the plastic is not top quality, but if you treat it carefully, it will last reasonably well. Basic home office materials, such as plastic folders, intrays and stationery, can also be obtained here quite cheaply.

These stores are especially useful for those with children, offering plentiful supplies for creative projects: marker pens, crayons, colouring pencils, coloured paper and card, Plasticine and notebooks. Also find colouring books, puzzles, paper dolls and other activity packs. Finally, there are usually numerous low-cost (and correspondingly below-average quality) toys and games, which make great travel activities, party favours, and fun prizes and rewards. At Halloween and Carnaval, they have numerous fancy dress costumes.

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