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Museo Arqueológico de Porcuna - Porcuna

Museo Arqueológico de Porcuna - Porcuna

Museo Arqueológico de Porcuna
The Archaeological Museum of Porcuna, previously called the Obulco Archaeological Museum, is situated within Torre de Boabdil. The museum has been a long work in progress; the Association of Friends of Obulco and the Town Hall of Porcuna campaigned for the creation of the museum in 1968. The Ministry of Education and Science created the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Obulco in the Torre de Boabdil by Order of December 14, 1976. After the works of conditioning the building, the museum was inaugurated on December 27, 1980. The museum’s exhibits are distributed over two floors, the first for collections of prehistory and the Iberian world, and the second for Hispano-Roman culture. The terrace houses a room dedicated to local sites and monuments. In 1998, two new rooms were created; one in the Town Hall’s Patio de Cristales, dedicated to photographs and archaeological interpretation, and another in the Cerrillo Blanco Archaeological Park.

Opening Times:
Tuesday-Sunday, 11:00-14:00hrs
Free Entrance.
Tel: 953 54 40 04


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