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Main Sights

Main Sights

Mosque / Cathedral of Córdoba city

The Mezquita (Mosque) dates back to the 10th century when Córdoba reached its zenith under a new emir, Abd ar-Rahman III who was one of the great rulers of Islamic history. At this time Córdoba was the largest, most prosperous cities of Europe, outshining Byzantium and Baghdad in science, culture and the arts. The development of the Great Mosque paralleled these new heights of splendour.

El Cable Teleferico

Playa el Cable (Cable Beach) takes its name from the overhead cable "El Cable Teleferico" runway that transported buckets of iron ore down from the Peñoncillo mine on the Sierra Blanca to ships moored offshore. If you look out to the sea you can't miss seeing the large anchor end tower of the line.

Six Marbella Watchtowers

There are about 100 different watchtowers (Torre Vigia or Torre Atalaya or Torre Almenara) along the coast of Southern Spain. Some are of Moorish origins others from date from the later Christian re-conquest period. All with the purpose of looking out for invaders from the South. They have lasted the centuries with remarkable strength.

Plaza Bocanegra

The square - or rather a traffic roundabout - at the start of the Golden Mile was named after one of Marbella's founders, local priest Monseñor Rodrigo Bocanegra (1908-1972).

Ronda Wines

The area of wine production known as the Serrania de Ronda forms part of the DO Sierras of Malaga, producing what are popularly known as 'the Ronda Wines'. Here modern bodegas at over 750m altitude in the Serrania de Ronda produce young red wines from Romé, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot and Tempranillo. Their white wine varieties include Chardonnay, Macabeo, Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc.

Madinat al-Zahra

Madinat al-Zahra was declared a UNESCO world heratige site on 1st July 2018. We are in the year 400 of the Hegira, 1010 AD of our era. On the southern slopes of Jebel al-Arus, the Bride's Mountain, the marble, jasper and precious metals of the city of Madinat al-Zahra gleam in the morning sun among silver-leafed olive groves.

Art Galleries

Art Galleries in Córdoba: Museo de Bellas Artes, Museo Taurino, Sala de Exposiciones Museísticas CajaSur, Centro Cultural Gran Capitán, Iglesia de la Magdalena, Casa Museo Arte sobre Piel, Sala Vimcorsa, Góngora Arte, AFOCO, Galería Clave, Galeria Carlos Bermúdez and more.

Things to see in Sanlúcar

Sanlucar is divided into the older quarter, the Barrio Alto where most of the interesting sights can be seen, and the newer Barrio Bajo, closer to the river.

Castle of Guzman El Bueno in Tarifa

This impressive, solidly-built Moorish fortification, which played an important part in early Spanish history, has been recently restored. As the southern-most point of the peninsula, Tarifa was an important strategic entry point into Spain and the rest of Europe for would-be invaders, so good defensive structures were essential.

Church of San Mateo, Tarifa

The magnificent church of San Mateo is the main church in Tarifa, located in the centre of the old town on Calle Sancho IV el Bravo. All the town´s big weddings and religious festivals are held here. The church has a striking 18th-century Baroque facade, the crumbling stone of which stands out from the whitewashed walls of Tarifa. The belfry, painted salmon pink and decorated with Tuscan pilasters and a hemispherical dome top, is one of the most distinctive features of the town´s skyline.


In Gibraltar the following events take place throughout the month. Every Monday to Friday. The Integral Yoga Centre runs a full programme of Yoga classes at 33 Town Range. Everyone is welcome. More information on 956 741 389.


Judging from the number of sports and leisure associations in Gibraltar, this must be one of the most action-packed rocks in the world.


There is no shortage of places to go in the evening. Hotel cocktail bars offer comfortable and sophisticated surroundings for a quiet drink or not so quiet, jazz performance or other live band. For a more informal evening, almost every street in town has wine bars and lively cosmopolitan pubs. Later you might dance into the small hours at one of Gibraltar's trendy disco pubs or enjoy a flutter at the Casino.

Main Sights

There is plenty to see and do in Gibraltar. Whether you are only in town for a few hours or planning an extended stay, this is a good place to begin making plans.


Gibraltar's clubs, organisations and associations are an excellent way to get to know this area and it's people more intimately. For more information and a full listing contact the Gibraltar Tourist Board on Tel: +350 20045000 or Ministry of Culture on Tel: +350 20048063