Torre de Perdigones, Seville

Torre de Perdigones in Seville, which was used to make lead pellets, and now houses a camara oscura © Fiona Flores Watson
Torre de Perdigones in Seville, which was used to make lead pellets, and now houses a camara oscura

Torre de Perdigones - Pellet Tower

This 45-metre-tall square brick tower near the Puente de la Barqueta has a dual purpose for visitors: as one of the msot visible monuments from the Macarena district’s industrial heritage, and also as a camara oscura (and viewing point) providing superb vistas of Seville.

Originally part of the San Francisco de Paula factory, known as the Perdigones (pellet) factory, the tower was built in 1890 and used until 1950. It was restored for Expo 92, and again in 2005; the camara oscura was opened in 2007.

Camera Oscura

A camera oscura is a dark room with a small light opening or lens, through which an image, upside-down and reversed, is projected onto a surface using a mirror. The magnified image shown is moving, with cars driving and people walking. The lens can be rotated to show different parts of the view. If you’ve never seen one, it’s well worth it; if you have, then you know how amazing the effect is – it’s basic science, an optical instrument that in today’s world of digital images is delightfully analogue.

Access to the camara oscura on the top floor of the tower is by a lift. Inside the top-floor chamber, the concave surface shows images which start at the north-western part of the city centre: the Andalucian Parliament, the Macarena Gate and church, and then move around to the river, Isla Cartuja. The surface is concave, allowing the image to be pulled into sharp focus.

There is a metal balcony around the outside of the top floor where the camara oscura is located. You can walk all the way around this to enjoy the 360-degree views of the river, Calle Resolana, the Alameda and the river.

Industrial Heritage - lead pellets

In terms of the pellets, the melted lead was dropped through different sizes of holes, depending on the desired size of pellet. Windows allowed air to enter. The pellets dried as they fell and had a pointed end, thanks to gravity, landing in a pool of water at the bottom. The older generation of local residents remember their parents working at the factory, and growing up in the basic housing which existed in this area until 2001.

The tower is located in a small park, Parque de los Perdigones, named after the factory. There is a bar next door which is currently closed, but may open soon.


Wed to Sun, 10h – 14h, every 30 minutes (maximum 10 people)


General entrance: 5 euros
Those born or resident in Seville: 2.50 euros


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Calle Resolana 37, 41092 Seville