Seville City - Parks, Gardens and Plazas

Fiesta en Sevilla. © Michelle Chaplow
Fiesta in Seville

Seville has some of the most beautiful city parks in Europe, the Parque de Maria Luisa and the Plaza de España, as well as numerous plazas and open spaces where you can happily people watch for hours.



For a leisurely stroll, it's hard to beat the Paseo de Colon on the banks of the Guadalquivir river which stretches from the bridge leading to the characterful area of Triana to the magnificent Toro de Oro.

If you want a change of scene – and pace - from the fun but hectic centre of Seville, especially in the heat of summer, and if you have children, then it’s worth making the short trip over the river to the wonderful gardens on the other side, situated to the north of Triana.

Sandwiched between the Cartuja monastery and Isla Magica, Seville’s theme park, you’ll find two gardens stretched along the banks of the Guadalquivir: Jardin Americano, a botanical garden with specimens from all over the American continent; and Jardines del Guadalquivir, a park with sculptures and various themed areas. Both were built originally for the Expo 92, fell into disrepair and were refurbished, and both reopened in 2010. There’s plenty of space here for little ones to run around safely, with large, shady wooded areas, pools, play areas and a maze.

To get there, cross the bridge which goes to the Cartuja from the Paseo Rey Juan Carlos I, turn right and you’ll see the Pabellon de Naturaleza, which is where the main entrance to the Jardin Americano is.


Parque de Maria Luisa

A paradisical half mile of palms and orange trees, elms and Mediterranean pines, covered with flower beds and dotted with hidden bowers, ponds and pavilions. More >

Paseo de Colon

The most charming paseo which during  weekends is thronging with strolling lovers and Spanish families dressed in their Sunday best.
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Plaza de España

An ideal place to spend the middle part of the day, just ten minutes' walk to the cathedral. More >

Jardin Americano

This botanical garden is full of species donated by countries in the Americas for Expo 92. More >

Jardines del Guadalquivir

Built more as a traditional park, this is very close to the Jardin Americano.
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Plaza del Cristo de Burgos

The shady rectangular plaza, which has many exotic trees is surrounded by residential buildings and shops. More >