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March 2009

As in the rest of Spain, universities across Andalucia are working hard to meet the demands of the Bologna Plan. This plan is creating a Europe-wide system of higher education. Now it will be easier than ever to transfer from one university to another without losing any credit in the process. The Bologna Plan will require radical changes in Spanish university programmes. Mainly, professors are going to be required to make a dramatic shift from a theory-based system to a very practical, hands-on style.
Great news once again for Andalucia.com! Andalucia.com has been named Communicator of the Year 2009 by the Costa Press Club. The award comes just months after the company was declared “Business of the Year” by the Junta de Andalucia’s Innovation Ministry at the Costa del Sol’s 2008 Foreign Business Awards. The company received the recognition in an award ceremony held at El Fogon Restaurant in La Cala de Mijas on Thursday, March 12.
Would you believe we're nearing the one million mark in terms of unemployment in Andalucia? To be more exact 774,198 people are officially unemployed in this region at this time. That is an historic figure for the south of Spain, and has politicians in the Andalusian parliament pointing fingers at one another like never before. Can we really blame the situation on the regional government?