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Charles Edwards

Editorial Assistant


Charles, who is from London, is studying Modern Languages (French, Spanish and Italian) at the University of Southampton. He is very sporty and plays tennis, padel and football, and enjoys travelling – he made his way around around South America for six months after leaving school, and Europe for two months.

His duties at AC include editing and updating pages on the website, including photos; creating new pages and writing new material; creating new GoogleAD banner campaigns; general content management of AC; dealing with clients; updating the AC blog using WordPress; and Search Engine Optimisation.

Charles finds the local people very welcoming. “Smiles are not hidden and the Spanish people are very generous and kind. There is a lot of trust between people here which I like very much.” He also enjoys the wide variety and quality of the food here, both in the supermarkets and tapas bars. Like many expats, he likes the weather and enjoys walking to work on the promenade by the seafront.