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contributors to Andalucia.com

At Andalucia.com we have a team of expert writers and photographers, whose specialist fields and areas of knowledge between them offer the most authoritative and comprehensive collection of information online about Andalucia, with 12,000 pages on everything from spas to sport, monuments to marketing, finance to flamenco.

From heritage, culture and geography, to photographing its people and places, as well as a complete guide to living here as an expat, their wealth of experience makes Andalucia.com the leading website about the region; all content is our exclusive and written especially for Andalucia.com.

Our writers have all lived in the region for some years and many contribute regularly to guide books on Andalucia. Some are published authors on topics such as the region’s history; flamenco; and Spanish law. With their fingers firmly on the pulse of Andalucian life, these writers will keep you up to date with everything you can experience in the region, from the finest restaurants, hotels and spas to the latest news on practical aspects of living here; and from the most off-the-beaten track villages to the newest museums.

Regular Contributors

Fiona Flores Watson

Contributing Editor and Chief Blogger 
Fiona Flores Watson has lived in Spain for nine years, and has been a journalist since completing a post-graduate journalism course at City University in London 20 years ago.

Chris Chaplow

Founder & Managing Director
Chris is the key Content Strategist & Contributor. His main interest is in destinations; their geography
and history. In particular the historic influence of foreign companies, industrial and mining in the development of Andalucian culture.

Chris Wawn

Chris' knowledge on Andalucia has been of great assistance to the site's content pages and he has made available many articles, based on his series.

Michelle Chaplow

Michelle Chaplow is a hispanophile. She is British by birth but has lived and worked in Andalucia in Spain for 15 years as a freelance photographer ...

Tony Briant

Flamenco Specialist
Tony's life has been closely linked with music since an early age. Born in Stockwell, south London, there always seemed to be music in his home. His mother was, ...

Saskia Mier

Saskia is a Spanish national but was educated in the UK. She had always longed to return to Spain and once graduating from University in 2011 with a degree in Equine Sciences, came back to Andalucia to pursue her passion of horses

Sam Pulman-Slater

Sam joined the editorial team in June 2018. Originally from Wales, he graduated from the University of Cambridge with a 1st Class Hons degree in English Literature. He has a particular interest in historic buildings, heritage sites, and cultural traditions, and enjoys using the writing skills garnered during his studies to produce copy on these subjects. More>

Tony Hall
Tony Hall is a passionate specialist in the plants of Andalucía. He has visited, botanised and given regular tours in Andalucía for more than 15 years.  He is an expert in their propagation and have created a naturalistic Mediterranean habitat within the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew More>

Kevin G. Monterrubio
Kevin G. Monterrubio

Office Manager 
Kevin was born in Seville and has lived in Marbella all his life.
He is bilingual thanks to an English father and Spanish mother. Kevin studied law at Málaga University and was awarded a Degree in 2012. After practicing law for some years, he joined Andalucia.com in 2018.

Previous Contributors

Max Phythian
Max Phythian

Editorial Assistant 
Max was a student from Lancaster University taking part in a placement with Andalucia.com under Erasmus´ working abroad scheme.
He was in his third year of studying management studies and Spanish with the university
and joined Andalucia.com to consolidate both his learning of the Spanish language
and the way in which a business operates theoretically and practically.

Belinda Beckett

History and Culture 
Belinda is an NCTJ-qualified journalist and
travel/lifestyle writer specialising in Andalucía,
Gibraltar and Morocco from her home in Spain.

Belinda Beckett

Excursions, Parks and Family 
Marianne blogs about her travels and experiences
living and working in Spain  and writes articles
for various sites related to Spain.

Paz Rosado García

Paz is the key Editor and Journalist on the
Spanish version of the Andalucia.com website
and has been with the company since 2003.
She brings a broad ...

Eamonn Power

Golf Contributor 
A long time resident of the Costa del Sol,
Eamonn Power was a member of the prestigious
Association of Golf Writers who travels extensively
reporting on the game ...

Shenai Martinez Fernandez

Spanish Journalist 
Shenai Martinez Fernández has a degree in
Journalism from the Complutense University
in Madrid and a diploma in digital media from
Villanueva University. Since graduating ...

Marta Palomo Hermoso

Marta is a fully qualified journalist having
graduated from the European University in
Madrid. Marta works in media production ...

Owen Thomas

Owen was born in England and immigrated to
Canada at an early age. He was awarded his
Master's Degree in History from the University
of Western Ontario in London, Canada ...

David Wood

David Wood was born in London. His humorous
articles and stories have appeared in magazines
both in England and in Spain over many years.
After working for ...

Rebekah Thompson

Rebekah was a student of Spanish and
International Media Communications at
the University of Nottingham.
Graduated in 2013, ...

Emma Cattle

Editorial Assistant 
Emma Cattle was a student of French and
Hispanic Studies at the University of Nottingham.
Graduated in 2013, she was spending her year abroad ...

Morwenna Francis

Morwenna was a student of Modern languages
at the University of Sheffield when she spent
her year abroad working as a editorial assistant
for andalucia.com ...

Sophie Careful

Editorial Assistant & Photographer 
Sophie was a student of French and Hispanic
Studies at the University of Sheffield when
she spent part of her year abroad working as a
editorial assistant for andalucia.com....

Charlie Edwards

Editorial Assistant 
Charles, who is from London, is studying Modern
Languages (French, Spanish and Italian) at the
University of Southampton. He is very sporty and
plays tennis, padel and football, and enjoys travelling...

Barcley Spicer-Jenkins

Editorial Assistant 
Barcley is from Devon and is studying Spanish and
business management at UEA (University of East Anglia).
As a country boy, he enjoys the outdoor life: cycling,
free climbing, free diving and spear fishing...

Archeology, History, Heritage Contributor 
Lawrence has lived in Andalucia since 1983, but he
also lived here from 1960-63. As he explains, he came
here," for purely emotional, psychological, even ...

A valuable contributor to andalucia.com, as well as one of
the Coast's best known journalists and travel writers, Mark
Little tragically died on Saturday, August ...

Moorish Heritage Contributor 
Wijjie, as she is known, has lived in Andalucia since 2002.
She came from Damascus, because she wanted to visit Cordoba,
where her ancestors the Ummeyads ruled a thousand years ago,
and Granada, because the Alhambra has so much in common
with the architecture in Syria.

Accountancy and Tax Specialist 
Susana Serrano-Davey, ACA, is a Spanish
National and holds the UK qualification of
Chartered Accountant where she now practices. She founded  
Rose & Clavel, Anglo-Spanish Acountants.....

Writer & Editor 
Michel is a writer and editor who covers a very wide
field of topics, ranging from finance and property to
art and décor, but having always been ..

Milagros came to Spain as an Erasmus student and
spent a year studying at the University of Málaga.
She was attracted to Spain's Moorish heritage.
Her advice for future students is, "Work out a
budget for yourself as soon as you get here and ...

Student Contributor 
Melanie spent six months studying at Málaga University
as part of her UK university course. She was attracted to
Andalucia's many monuments and the history and culture
they represent. Her top piece of advice for future students
coming to study here is: "Ensure that you set aside time ...

Cultural Specialist 
Katie has lived in Spain for several years, moving to
Andalucía five years ago. She originally came here
because her husband's family is from this area
and therefore it seemed like...

Previous contributors also include  Brenda Padilla, Dee McMath, Giorgio Maulini, Josephine Quintero, Colm Gill, Lawrence Boheme, Janet Mendel, David Crumpler, Marta Peña, Esperanza González, Denyse Lamprière, Simon Zolan, Pilar Fernández, David Eade, Gillaine Hathaway, Susie McCawley, and Lidia Sanchez.