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Tony Bryant

Flamenco Specialist


Tony's life has been closely linked with music since an early age. Born in Stockwell, south London, there always seemed to be music in his home. His mother was, in fact, a pianist. Tony began learning the drums at the age of 10 and was influenced by a variety of figures in the rock-and-roll hierarchy.

In 1994, Tony moved to Andalucia where he still lives today. It was on a trip to Seville that Tony had his first encounter with flamenco and it was an event that would change his life. "It was like flamenco was seducing me," he stated while later recalling the event. The floodgates had opened and Tony began to dedicate much of his life to understanding the roots of this powerful art form. He also tried to delve into the culture that makes this incredible music possible, travelling all over Andalucia and watching some of its greatest artists perform. His adventures are recounted in his first book, Flamenco -- An Englishman's Passion.

Along with the work that Tony is doing for us here at, he also is a regular contributor on Onda Cero International Radio with a flamenco show that he co-hosts with Brenda Padilla. Tony has written two more books: A Time-Defying Heritage, which has been translated in Spanish and Gitanerias: The Essence of Flamenco, as well as collaborating on a BBC documentary.

Tony has updated and revised the Torremolinos and Benalmadena nightlife, history, bars and things to do sections