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Lawrence Bohme

Archeology, History and Heritage Contributor

Laurence Bohme, known in the region as Don Lorenzo, first came to Granada as a student in 1960 and ended up living there, and in the nearby town of Montefrio, for over 25 years.

As he explains, he came here," for purely emotional, psychological, even amorous reasons, but nothing practical or financially motivated." He has written several books about Granada and the village of Montefrio, and a memoir. He specializes in Granada, Montefrio, history of the Moors, the Reconquest, and flamenco.

His books "Granada, City of My Dreams" and "Portrait of Montefrio", as well as his memoir "Lorenzo, The Story of a Very Long Youth" and other stories of Spain are published on Amazon Kindle, and can be downloaded both for the Kindle device and your computer.

Lawrence Bohme's author page on Amazon.