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Altiplano - Baza

Altiplano - Baza

Gorafe is famous for its various dolmens and cave houses as well as its impressive natural environment which is perfect for hiking. A delight for history-lovers, this village near Guadix, in the Altiplano of Granada province, has the highest concentration of dólmens in Spain and part of Europe – nearly 200 of the prehistoric burial chambers.

Wedged in between the impressive mountain ranges of the Sierra de Baza to the south and La Hoya de Baza and the Sierra del Pozo to the north, sits the proud and beautiful Andalusian village of Zújar. It is in the Altiplano region of the Granada Province, at a comfortable drive of approximately 110 kilometres drive from Granada City.

Of all the villages that make up the Huescar and Baza regions of the Altiplano area in the Granada Province, Cortes de Baza is arguably the most unspoiled of all. Its humble agricultural rural community and traditional way of life has remained intact despite modern advances and 21st century rural tourism.

To visit the village of Cuevas del Campo is to journey into the world of tranquillity and stunning natural countryside. It also gives you the chance to meet the friendly, welcoming people of this traditional, agricultural community. In the north east corner of the Granada Province and at around 130 kilometres from Granada City .

At 766 metres above sea level, the stunning little village of Castillejar is one of the six Andalusian hamlets that make up the region of Huescar in the north east corner of the Province of Granada. With a population of around 2,000, this idyllic haven is tucked away and yet easily accessible at just 15 minutes off the A-92 Mediterranean autovía (motorway).

Freila is the smallest of the villages in the Altiplano region of Granada. At an altitude of 804 metres above sea level and with a population of just over 1,000 you can locate it in GPS zone 30S and the map reference is X:05 08 10 / Y:41 53 70. The municipality of Freila covers an area of approximately 74 m2.

Cúllar is one of the six, beautiful traditional Andalusian villages making up the region of Baza in the Altiplano area within the Granada Province. It is in the north east of the province, in the Hoya de Baza and at a height above sea level of approximately 890 metres. The municipality covers some 400 km2, with approximately 5,500 inhabitants.

One of the very picturesque towns to visit in the Baza region of the Altiplano of Granada is Caniles. In the north of the Granada Province, Caniles is 911 metres above sea level with Latitude 37 o26’ and Longitude 002 o43’. It sits on the edge of a plateau, between the north face of the Natural Park, Sierra de Baza and La Hoya de Guadix.

Situated in the north of the Granada Province, the exceptionally beautiful village of Benamaurel is in the Baza region of the Altiplano of Granada. The village sits at a height of 723 metres above sea level and covers an overall area of some 130 Km2. The municipality of Benamaurel is spread over a series of gullies, split into the village of Benamaurel and its surrounding hamlets.