Cúllar is one of the six, beautiful traditional Andalusian villages making up the region of Baza in the Altiplano area within the Granada Province. It is in the north east of the province, in the Hoya de Baza and at a height above sea level of approximately 890 metres. The municipality covers some 400 km2, with approximately 5,500 inhabitants. Cúllar has a largely agricultural based economy produces cereals, vegetables and esparto grass.

This delightful village in situated the stunning surroundings of the Natural park Sierra de Baza and sits on the connecting point between the Altiplano and the Levante and Murcia, making it an important linking area between these different regions. Steeped in a rich history, dating back to pre-historic times, this wonderful spot appears to have stood still in time, never ceasing to pleasantly surprise visitors who discover it for themselves for the first time.


Getting to Cúllar

(Not to be confused with ‘Cúllar Vega’, which is a village less than 10 kilometres outside of Granada City) the Baza village of Cúllar is approximately 120 kilometres from Granada and is easily reached by road, taking the A92N motorway towards Baza and then following the signs for Cúllar.


Cúllar has seen many different cultures settle in its beautiful surroundings, dating back to prehistoric times, proof of which are the many archaeological remains from the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras. There is documented historic information on Cúllar from the year 985 when Almanzor camped within the village boundaries. It passed back and forwards between the hands of the rulers of Murcia and Granada at various times, until the Catholic Kings granted jurisdiction of Cúllar to Baza. Then in 1628 the village became independent of this jurisdiction.

A major archaeological find in Cúllar was the Idolo de Malagón, a fine ivory figure carving (16.6 cm high) dating from 2700 – 2300BC and thought to be the work of the ancient people of the Bronze Age. This historic treasure is now in the Museo Arqueologico in Granada at Carrera del Darro 41- 43.

Places of Interest

  • The Cúllar river valley is a stunning natural beauty spot and a wonderful place to enjoy the natural countryside.
  • The Sierra de Ocre (Orce Mountain) provides a beautiful backdrop or the perfect place to plan a wonderful day discovering the natural wonders of Andalusia.
  • For the nature lover or keen walker / photographer, there are endless walks and excursions. The nearby Negratin Lake, a huge reservoir in an amazing desert-like setting, even has a sailing club offering many types of water sports and fishing.
  • There are several interesting old buildings in the village, including; the 17 th century renaissance church of Nuestra Señora de la Anunciación, the Hermitage of the Virgen de la Cabeza and the Hermitage of San Agustín.
  • The Casa Conistorial (Town Hall building) is worth taking in as you stroll through the pretty streets of Cúllar.
  • Another ancient monument which ignites the imagination of times gone by is the Torre del Alabí (Tower of Alabí)
  • El Palacio de los Marqueses de Cádmio (Palace of the Marqueses of Cadmio) is an interesting 17 th century building well worth visiting.


  • Each year on the last Saturday in April sees the Festival of the Moros y Cristianos (the Moors and Christians), which is celebrated with great zest and vigour in Cúllar. A reflection of deep rooted past, the village comes alive for these animated festivities.
  • At the end of August, (26th – 30 th) there is a fiesta in honour of the Patron Saint, San Agustín.
  • Every Sunday in October - the village celebrates El Rosario de la Aurora


As with the other rural villages in this area, the food is generally excellent and home cooking, using local produce, offers a wide variety of healthy, tasty dishes. As well as the locally produced cold meats, there are wonderful warming simple dishes. For example try the ‘arroz con conejo’ (rabbit cooked with rice), with green peppers, saffron – all cooked in the finest locally produced olive oil. The desserts are often difficult to resist, especially some which are made with fresh almonds or coconut.

Weekly Market

You can visit the bustling weekly market, which takes place each Monday morning in Cúllar.

For further information on Cúllar, please contact the Ayuntamiento (Town Hall):

Ayuntamiento de Cúllar
Tel: 958 730 225

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