Film Festivals and Cinema Festivals

Málaga Cinema Festival

The Festival of Málaga and Spanish Cinema began in 1998, and has been celebrated every spring since. It was created to promote the Spanish film industry, but also covers Latin American and Portuguese cinema.

The festival is organised by Málaga City Hall with a selection of private sponsors and partners. Professionals, journalists and film lovers visit from around the world. It consists of three categories; Feature Films, Short Films and the recently added Documentary Films. The festival also awards its own annual Málaga Prize and the Ricardo Franco Prize.

The festival is open to all recent Spanish, Latin American and Portuguese films, especially those completed the same year. Films about these countries but produced in other countries can also be entered.

Seville International Film Festival

Seville International Film Festival, which aims to promote European cinema, takes place in November. More than 200 films from 40 countries are shown in 450 screenings around the city. Spain has the largest offering, and there is usually 25 Andalucian productions, either made locally, or by directors who hail from the region.

Marbella International Film Festival

The Marbella International Film Festival has been held annually since 2006. It is traditionally held for a week in mid-September. The Marbella International Film Festival brings together artists and their films in English and Spanish to display their talents to the commercial world. The Festival has expanded considerably since it’s launch and has the collaboration and association with the Marbella Town Hall and Tourist Board, Marbella Film Office and the Andalucia Film Commission. The film categories featured are Separated into Shorts, Features, Documentaries and Animations. There are up to 1.000 aplications from Europe, Canada, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Each year about 30 films in total are selected for presentation. More>

Tarifa - Tangier African Film Festival

The Festival de Cine Africana de Tarifa (FCAT) (Tangier African Film Festival) takes place each year in Tarifa and Tangier at end of May and early June. The festival includes a masterclass by international experts, prizes are awarded within the framework of a project market. A round table discusses topical issues. Attendance available via streaming. Features include a post-production workshop. The Festival brings together filmmakers and journalists.

The 20th edition in 2023, for the first time, featured an opening ceremony in Tangiers. The 21st edition takes place from 24th May to 1st June 2024. More info at

Jerez International Film Festival

The Association of Performing and Audiovisual Arts of Jerez presented the first edition of the "Con Acento" Film Festival of Jerez. Jerez has become an epicentre of national and international filming and the festival is an opportunity to train and interact with experienced professionals. This festival unites three fundamental pillars: Culture, Tourism and Labour Relations. The first edition took place in November 2023.