Natural Parks - Entorno de Doñana

Entorno de Doñana

Seville province also stretches to the outskirts of the Doñana park (Entorno de Doñana) with its waterways and forests extending out from the river Guadalquivir. The beautiful pine and cork forests around Aznalcázar and Villamanrique de la Condesa continue along the Coto del Rey into Huelva province. Aznalcázar is still well visited despite the recent pollution of the area by an accident in the mines.

Another important ecological zone is known as the marismeñas or marshes. Many bird species and animals can water in these more open natural spaces during winter as well as summer, though the drought will dry up some areas. These magical marshes can be accessed around Villafranca on the river Guadalquivir, el Brazo de la Rorre, Isla Mayor, Caracoles and Entremuros del Guadiamar.