Piedra Lobera Natural Monument

Piedra Lobera Natural Monument

A limestone escarpment rising to 1,722m at its highest point of the Lúcar peak, the Piedra Lobera is exceptional for its unique microclimate that has ensured the survival of several rare plant species and others that are unique in Almeria. Its name, the Wolf Rock, refers to the fact that this was the last habitat of the wolf in Almeria province.

Located on the northern edge of Almeria province in the Sierra de Lúcar, the Piedra Lobera can be reached by taking the A334, which links the A92 to the west and the A7 to the east, and heading for Tíjola. Take the AL850 to Lúcar and continue north. Piedra Lobera is to the west of this road.

The sandwort arenaria tormentosa, one of Europe's endangered plant species, grows on the Piedra Lobera. Also here are wild gooseberries and angular Solomon's seal (polygonatum odoratum), which are both rarely found elsewhere in the province.




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